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Are Electric Buses The Next Big Thing?
In this article we talk about electric bus revolution which is more and more becoming the next big thing. The world is transitioning to the electric platform. All two and four-wheel driven automobiles will soon just be launched with the electric drivetrain. This is true, especially for Europe where the deadline for transition has already… Read More
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Electric Car Startups Struggle To Compete With Largest Automakers
The EV market is fierce and much of this can be attributed to a large number of well-set players as well as newcomers in this field. However, not all electric car startups succeed in making a name in this segment. These newer and smaller companies face all of the issues faced by the largest automakers… Read More
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Fit For 55, The Green Deal – Most Important EV Policies Towards EVs In Europe
  As the EV segment is rising in popularity quickly, more governments have decided to implement some sort of policies in this regard. This video explains the most important policies toward EVs in Europe. Fit for 55 seems like a unique name but then again, it is a unique deal after all. Seems more like… Read More
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General Motors Buick Moves Electric With Buick’s Wildcat EV Concept
As the world is getting more and more conscious of emissions, the EV segment is growing at a rapid pace. The latest company to join the list of those pursuing their segment is GM’s Buick. It announced a concept last week that according to Buick decides the direction in which the company will move in… Read More
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VW ID Buzz Unveils Two Star Wars Themed Vehicles
If you are a fan of Star Wars, VW has a piece of good news for you. The company has recently unveiled two VW ID Buzz vehicles that carry the Star Wars theme. This has been done as a result of the collaboration with Lucasfilm in preparation for the Disney+ launch of the Obi-Wan Kenobi… Read More
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Is Apple AirPlay Coming To Tesla Vehicles?
In this article we delve and answer the question is Apple AirPlay coming to Tesla vehicles or not. Tesla vehicles are known throughout the world for their state of the art technology. These cars are so modern and trendy that several features present in these vehicles are missing even in the products of other well… Read More
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10 Best Selling EVs In The UK, How Long To Wait To Produce?
In this article we review 10 best selling EVs in the UK and how long to wait to produce those 10 best selling EVs. The UK has been one of the leaders in terms of electric vehicle platform adoption. The sales and registration of such cars have seen a tremendous increase over the past few… Read More
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Ford To Invest Billions Into New E-Transit Electric Van
In this article it is important to note that Ford is ready to invest billions into a brand new commercial vehicle – E-Transit electric van. This week was momentous for Ford as the company made several huge decisions related to investments. As we all know that such decisions are the result of months of planning… Read More
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NIO US Production Facility Might Be Closer Than You Think
In this article we delve into NIO US production facility which might be closer than you think. NIO is one of the leading Chinese EV automakers. This is why the company is now eyeing the EV segment out of the country. NIO Hunting New Professionals According to recent reports, the company is on the hunt… Read More
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Rivian R1T Model Full Review
In this article we delve into the Rivian R1T model detailed review. As the world of electric vehicles is shaping up, newer EV manufacturers are emerging and making their way to success. One such example is Rivian which is a US-based company that has not only been able to set itself up as an EV… Read More
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