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General Motors’ Potential In The EV Race
EVs are the way to and with their global recognition reaching an all-time high in recent years, hopes from different companies are immense. However, how is General Motors participating in this segment, and what is General Motors’ potential in the EV race? This article delves into the details and explains how General Motors could be… Read More
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2022 Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo
Enthusiasts have appreciated the wagon shaped Taycan ever since its launch. Many believe that this blend of performance and practicality better suits the car. The added benefits in terms of the wagon variant include more headspace for rear passengers, more cargo space, ease of entry and exit. These features make the 2022 Porsche Taycan Sport… Read More
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Audi Opens First Lounge Style EV Charging Hub In Germany
The world of electric vehicles is seeing rapid progress. Thus, the charging mechanism for these cars is also undergoing dramatic changes. Germany is an industry leader in the development of cutting edge EVs. Therefore, the recent developments in this field have come from this country. So, what exactly is Audi’s strategy for the segment? Let’s… Read More
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Polestar Three Year Business Plan
Polestar is a relatively new name in the world of automotive. The brand was founded in 1996. However, its acquisition by Volvo in 2015 was a watershed moment in the company’s history. Since then, the company has been offering its EVs and PHEVs to global customers. So what exactly is Polestar planning for the next… Read More
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Tesla After 600,000 Kilometers
While gasoline and diesel vehicles have proven to be long-lasting, the future of electric vehicles is still up in the air. A California based company known as Tesloop got into the limelight a few years ago due to its Tesla Model S. This car dubbed eHawk had been driven more than 643k kilometers by the… Read More
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Kalashnikov EV – I Beg Your Pardon, What Did You Just Say?
As the world of EVs is seeing its heydays, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to make the most out of the prospect. Kalashnikov, the manufacturer of the world-famous assault rifle AK-47 announced back in 2018 that it will soon be offering its electric vehicles. Was It More Of A Stunt? Although… Read More
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Does Lucid Air Beat Tesla?
Tesla, A Class Apart Having a Tesla vehicle is more of a fad these days. It’s a fashion statement that the rich and trendy have adopted to not only show their appreciation for emerging technology but also to simultaneously express their concern for the environment. Does Lucid Air Have What It Takes? With several manufacturers… Read More
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