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Polestar 2 Gets Upgrades – Thanks To Blockchain Technology

Polestar 2 was already an imposing vehicle. However, the automaker has now brought further refinement to it.

Polestar 2

Some of the aspects of the car that have been upgraded include:

This article delves into the basics of all the major changes that have been brought to the vehicle.

According to reports:

  • The Polestar 2 will now be available in 2 new exterior colours;
  • It will get updated wheels;
  • The interior has also been tweaked.

The automaker has announced the use of certain materials and a few new components. These will reduce carbon emissions per vehicle during the manufacturing process.

By doing so, Polestar has played its role in reducing the impact on the environment and this is why the vehicle will now be more sustainable than before.

How Has Blockchain Been Of Assistance?

Ever heard of Blockchain? Yes, the same revolutionary technology that transformed the global financial system thanks to cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Ethereum.

Blockchain tech

Polestar claims that it has used Blockchain technology in the upgrade process of the Polestar 2 vehicle. But how?

Well, the Swedish automaker claims that Blockchain technology has aided the company in tracing minerals from their sources.

From there onwards, these minerals were converted into the finished electric vehicles (Polestar 2) through ethical mining.

This is pivotal for the company as it claims to be one of the most sustainability-focused automakers out there.

Polestar asserts that its vehicles are environment friendly not just in the designing and manufacturing process but throughout the entire lifecycle of the car.

The Polestar 2 which is the first all-electric vehicle from the company has been focused on sustainability from day one.

This is why the recent update means a lot to the vehicle and its future.

What Is The Role Of Blockchain Technology In The Auto Industry?

As the world of electric vehicles stays committed to reducing the carbon content, the role of Blockchain is also increasing.

How Blockchain helps the EV industry

Here are a few instances in which this technology will benefit the electric vehicle segment.

By Reducing Manufacturing Costs

The track and trace feature of the Blockchain industry means that automakers will be able to keep tabs on materials required for the production of EVs and their batteries.

Blockchain technology can help in reducing the manipulation associated with the mining and transport of hard to find minerals such as cobalt and wolframite.

Power Trading

As rarity and lack of abundance of EV charging points are some of the major constraints for EV owners, almost all automakers are committed to resolving this issue.

Polestar 2 charging

This is because many potential buyers stay away from the field of electric vehicles just because of their fear of not finding an electric charge point in times of emergency.

Blockchain technology can be of assistance through the use of a P2P EV charging mechanism.

Creation Of Digital Vehicle Passports

The use of Blockchain can enable the creation of digital vehicle passports which can then be used for getting detailed reports regarding the history of the vehicles.

Can This Be Linked To Sustainability?

Yes, of course. By making use of the above-mentioned benefits of Blockchain technology, the mass adoption of EV technology can be made possible.

Thus it can be a major source of sustainability and who knows Blockchain might even become an integral part of the electric vehicle segment in the times to come.

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