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Porsche Buys Another Electric Bike Company

The world is determined to go all-electric soon and the German giant Porsche while working under the umbrella of the VW group is following the trend.


This time, however, the latest news doesn’t pertain to EVs, rather Porsche is in the limelight because it has acquired 20% shares of a company known as Fazua, which is not much popular, but still has up to 40 different e-bike models sporting its motors.

The below image shows the various e-bike brands that feature Fazua motors.

What Makes Fazua’s Design Unique?

The unique part of Fazua’s design is that their motors, as well as the batteries of these e-bikes, can easily be removed, which means that the added weight is easy to get rid of. 

Thus the riders can move around on their bikes even when they don’t feel like using the electric mode.

For How Much Has Porsche Bought 20% Fazua Shares?

The amount at which Porsche closed the deal to buy the 20% stake in Fazua has not been disclosed, but it is said that Porsche has the option to invest more in the company, which will put it in charge due to its majority ownership.

Porsche’s Collaboration With Ponooc

Porsche is determined to make progress in the field of electric bikes, so it has also entered into another agreement with Ponooc, which the company is now calling a strategic partnership. Combined, the two companies will focus on the development of future high-end electric bikes.

Porsche & Greyp Working Together  

Greyp is another well-known brand that has fallen under Porsche’s control. Porsche intends to advance in the mountain electric bike segment with this acquisition.


It is worth noting that Greyp was a project of the hypercar manufacturer Rimac but has now landed in the domain of Porsche as a result of the German automaker’s latest move.

Porsche’s Partnership With Rotwild

Before this, Porsche exhibited great success in the field of e-bikes through its collaboration with Rotwild, and the company is hard at work on its own e-bike models.

Porsche’s Bike Models Presently Available

For now, the company has listed two electric bikes on its website which are:

– Porsche eBike Cross;

– Porsche eBike Sport.

Price & Range

These bikes are presently available at the prices of €7,550 and €9,460 respectively. 

The two bikes have a range of 100 km and 125 km in the economy mode through their 504Wh and 630Wh battery packs correspondingly.

When Will Porsche Bikes With Fazua Motors Be Available In Europe?

While buyers can just head over to the company’s website to get their hands on one of the above-mentioned e-bikes, the ones with Fazua motors will soon be available but as of now, no dates have been provided.

Furthermore, the prices at which potential buyers will be able to get them will also be disclosed soon, so for now all that interested individuals can do is wait.  

What Is The Future Of The E-Bikes?

While the world is undergoing severe problems regarding pollution, EVs and e-bike seem to be the last resort due to their zero emissions.

E-Bikes Are Great For Urban Use

The e-bikes are excellent for getting around quickly and due to their relatively high mobility, steering through heavy traffic even in the most densely populated urban areas is no problem.


It is for this reason that e-bikes are being adopted throughout the world not only by students by also by professionals who feel that getting this sort of bike not only makes them a more environmentally friendly citizen but also offers them the ability to reach their destinations in time.

E-Bikes, A Great Alternative

The e-bike has much fewer maintenance costs than a conventionally powered motorbike or a scooter and with top speeds up to 25 kph, they are highly effective.

Final Verdict

The Porsche E-Bike is not only a ray of hope for the company but also for humanity in general mainly because the benefits such bikes offer are not restricted just to the company, rather the whole of humanity will be benefited from the wide acceptance of these e-bikes.

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