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Porsche Taycan 4S Infotainment System & Interior Review


Taycan is the first all-electric vehicle from Porsche. This is why it is instrumental for the company’s future.

The superior quality materials used in the Taycan 4S make even the Audi E-Tron stand no chance against it. It should have been this way because the Taycan 4S is a vehicle for high-end customers.

This review provides a complete in-depth tour of the Porsche Taycan 4S. It also provides a detailed analysis of PCM (Porsche Communication Management).

A Plethora Of Screens

As soon as you step into the car, you observe that it has three screens which are:

– Instrument cluster;

– Infotainment System;

– Climate Control.

However, all screens are interconnected with each other.

Driver Profiles

The centre screen requires drivers to set their profiles so, in the future, the vehicle offers them the screen layout just as they like it. The option of proceeding further as a guest also exists.

Know How Far You Can Drive

An interesting feature of the car’s navigation system is that it shows all areas that the vehicle can travel with the presently available range inside a blue circle.

This comes in handy when you want to select a location using the navigation screen of the car.

Displaying The Map In The Instrument Cluster

The driver can select the map option in the instrument cluster which then displays it right in front of the driver.

Even when this option is selected, all vital information is still visible to drivers. Some of the data on this screen includes but is not limited to:

– Available range;

– The current speed of the vehicle;

– Odometer;

– Outdoor temperature;

– Seatbelt alert.


The centre screen is pretty easy to use and the options of Android Auto & Apple CarPlay are also present on this screen.


The video presenter categorically mentions that the centre screen lags a bit and thus doesn’t feel too responsive to touch. This is a huge bummer, especially at this price point.


The third display in the vehicle is for the climate control settings. However, at the top end of the screen, several shortcuts for key functions are also present. These include navigation, music and attending calls.

The centre console has two adequately sized cup holders so your drinks won’t spill while you push your Taycan 4S to the limits.

The driving position of the vehicle is nearly identical to the Porsche 911 which makes it one of the best sitting positions in the auto industry.

Phone Option

By connecting their phones to the car, drivers get access to:

– Favorites;

– Call History;

– Contacts;

– Keypad.


The centre screen allows drivers to choose the settings that they think work best for the vehicle.

Charging Information

One of the most important options on the screen is the charging information. This displays the present range and charging status of the vehicle’s battery.

Using the options provided by the car, drivers can even set profiles and timers when they want to charge their cars. The preheating/precooling option can also be turned on from here.

Climate Control Adjustment

While small tweaks in the climate control settings can be done from the third screen mentioned above, for making major changes, drivers will have to use the centre screen.

A worth noting point is that the air vents can’t be adjusted by hand and they can only be moved using the car’s main display screen.

Programmable Buttons

The Taycan 4S has two programmable buttons. The drivers can set them to whatever they want.

Build Quality

The overall build quality of the interior is astounding. Well, it should be at this price point. As a result, even at super-fast speeds, you won’t hear any squealing sounds.

The seats are plush and comfortable with a wide array of adjustment options.

Final Verdict

The interior of the Porsche Taycan 4S is just as impressive as the vehicle’s exterior.

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