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Porsche Taycan Tested V2G To Supply Power Back To The Grid

 We all know about electric vehicles and keep hearing about their charging systems that top up their batteries.

Porsche and V2G

However, in the recent past, a new technology known as the Vehicle to Grid or V2G has been introduced. The V2G system allows EV batteries to act as sources of power. This feature is used for providing balancing power.

So, in the case when the demand from the energy grid exceeds production, such power can come handy.

Who Participated In The Test?

Recently a pilot test was conducted in this regard by the following companies:

  • Porsche;
  • TransnetBW;
  • Intelligent Energy System Services (IE2S) which is a consultancy firm.

In this test, 5 Porsche Taycan vehicles were connected to the grid using the Porsche Home Energy Manager (HEM). The automaker made it clear that all of these Porsche Taycan vehicles were production-standard versions and that no special feature was added to these vehicles.

However, experts from Porsche adapted the software of the Wi-Fi enabled Porsche Home Energy Manager (HEM). This provided it with the added ability to feed energy to the grid.

How Was The Test Conducted?

The Porsche Taycan vehicles were connected via the Porsche Mobile Charger using a Type 2 cable.  A CEE socket was used for connecting the mobile wall box to the grid.

Porsche Taycan and type 2 charger

The five Porsche Taycan vehicles were pooled together. This allowed their power to be regulated similar to a virtual power plant.  This pooling system dubbed swarm was used by IE2S.

Under What Conditions Was The Test Conducted?

So, if you are guessing under what conditions the trio performed the test, we’ve been told that it was conducted in:

  • Domestic environment;
  • Under lab conditions.
Why Is The Porsche Home Energy Manager Important?

This brings us to the question about what is the Porsche Home Energy Manager.

Well, it is a state of the art setup that is used for monitoring power and energy consumption.

Porsche Home Energy Manager

Some of the functions performed by the HEM include:

  • Protection of domestic connections from being overloaded;
  • Allowing smart charging functions.
What Were They Testing?

The experts at Porsche were testing the Taycan’s ability to be used as a buffer for the German power grid.

They were also testing the Porsche Home Energy Manager and its connection with the power grid.

Why These Findings Are Significant?

The findings of the test are significant because they will assist not just the Porsche Taycan models but several other EVs as well in exploring the V2G system further.

The system also provides an earning opportunity to households with an array of solar panels but no storage batteries. Thus, they can use the Porsche Taycan’s battery for feeding power back to the grid.

This V2G system provides Taycan with the ability to stabilize the grid’s power to the desired frequency. This is important because, in the case of fluctuations in the grid, the electric devices in households can break down.

Thus the V2G system will not just act as an additional source of power in case of emergency but will also act as a buffer.

Final Verdict

It is pertinent to mention that the automaker has not yet offered this feature on the Porsche Taycan. For the time being, Porsche is just exploring new grounds in this domain.

However, we strongly believe that the V2G system will become an integral part of the whole EV world, in the near future.

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