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President Zelensky Invites Elon Musk To Ukraine After The War

The Russia-Ukraine war has affected thousands of lives. While hundreds people have been killed and the overall situation seems pretty dejecting, Tesla has played a positive overall role.

Tesla’s Role During The War

The company offered free EV charging facilities to EV users of all brands in three European countries. This was done to help these electric vehicle owners get away from the area hit by war.

The Positive Role Of Starlink

Besides this, Starlink which is a sister company of Tesla & is run by Elon Musk has played a pivotal role in providing internet access to the citizens of Ukraine.

The Starlink terminals sent by Tesla were delivered to the Ukrainian government just two days after their dispatch.

The country’s Vice Prime Minister & Minister for Digital Transformation mentioned this in his tweet.

He mentioned Elon Musk in his message and Tesla CEO responded quickly by stating that Starlink terminals were already headed to Ukraine.

What is further interesting is that more Starlink terminals have been dispatched by the company for Ukraine ever since. This was confirmed by Musk himself while he was on a video call with Ukraine’s president.
Elon Musk To Visit Ukraine After The War Is Over

The most critical part of this video chat was when Zelensky, the president of the war-stricken country, invited Musk to Ukraine after the mess is over. Musk immediately responded that he will do so.

Ukraine & SpaceX To Collaborate In Future

During the call, the two renowned personalities also shared their views regarding future collaboration in space projects. Details of this were not shared so we can’t say with certainty what to expect.

Zelensky himself tweeted after the video call in which he confirmed that Musk had agreed to send Starlink terminals for destroyed Ukrainian cities. Here is what was tweeted by him.
What Was Russia’s Response To This?

Russia on the other hand was not pleased with this situation. This is primarily due to its desire to cut Ukraine off from the rest of the world.

Russia has gone to great lengths to accomplish this and the head of the Russian space agency claimed that Musk is taking sides in the war.

He even went as far as stating that Russia will cease to cooperate with western countries because of this event & due to the sanctions.

Does Musk Seem Concerned?

This brings us to the important question does Elon Musk seem concerned by this Russian move?

Well, simply put, the answer is a big no. Musk is a US citizen and thus Russia must not have had many hopes from him in the first place.

Why Is This Big News For Ukrainians?

Ukrainians are currently suffering from an extremely grim situation.

The mighty Russian army is on their doorsteps and is doing all it can to make their lives difficult.

This latest ray of hope from Musk has given Ukrainians confidence and the new Starlink terminals will be able to reconnect them to the rest of the world.

They will be able to share the Russian atrocities and war crimes with the help of the internet.

Once the war is over & Musk visits Ukraine, it might even lead the country to a new future with a vast EV charging infrastructure, thanks to Tesla’s support.

Final Verdict

While Russia continues to make the Ukrainians suffer, Musk & Starlink are giving them new reasons for being happy, one after another.

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