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How Can I Reduce My EV Range Anxiety?

The EV range anxiety is a real thing. Rather it is the only aspect that keeps thousands of potential customers from making the switch to the electric platform.

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However, first of all, for all those who don’t know what range anxiety is. Here is a quick definition.

What Is Range Anxiety?

Range anxiety refers to the fear that your electric vehicle’s battery will die at a spot where you won’t have any charging point available.

This will render your EV unusable until it is once again connected to an electric vehicle charge point.

Keep Your Vehicle Topped Up

One way to reduce your range anxiety is to keep your vehicle topped up as much as possible.

A usual practice followed by many EV owners is that whenever they park their vehicle at a spot where an electric charge point is available, they put the vehicle on charge.

This has two benefits, which are

  • It keeps your battery healthy as driving an EV below a certain battery percentage is detrimental to the EV battery health;
  • It frees the owners from range anxiety.

Thus, an effective way of reducing your EV range anxiety is to keep your vehicle topped up.

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Abundant Charging Stations

Another way to reduce your EV range anxiety is to know that now there are abundant EV charging stations globally.

This is particularly true for most European countries. So, by researching the EV charging stations in your area, you can know how many are available to you.

In this way, you always know that just like gasoline stations, the network of EV chargers is always there to serve you.

Plan Your Route

An alternate way to reduce your EV range anxiety is by planning your route. You may choose the path that has the most EV chargers available.

In this way, you can be certain that even in case of an emergency, you will have access to an electric charge point for topping up your EV.
Charge Overnight

This is a great practice. By charging overnight, you not just make use of lower tariffs but also ensure that you don’t always need to fast charge your vehicle.

Besides all this, charging overnight ensures that your vehicle is filled up every morning when you set out on your daily driving.

Having a fully charged battery is one of the most effective ways to reduce your range anxiety.

Know Your Battery Health

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your EV battery health. This means that you know how well your battery can retain the charge.

In case of an unhealthy battery, the charging will drain very quickly and thus you are more likely to suffer.

When you know that your battery’s health is good enough, you don’t feel worried from range anxiety.

Train Your Mind

While all the above-mentioned methods focus on keeping your EV battery charged, this one is different.

It has to do with how you feel about the EV charging mechanism as a whole.

Most industry experts say that EV range anxiety has more to do with human psychology than the actual problem itself.

Thus, they believe that EV owners need to train their minds that range anxiety is a thing, but they are not likely to experience it if they keep an eye on the charging level of their EV battery.

In case they don’t allow the battery percentage to drop below a specific level, they have a very small chance of even going through this problem.

Final Verdict

These are a few ways through which you can effectively reduce your EV range anxiety.

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