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Renault Scenic Vision Unveiled As Hydrogen/ Electric Hybrid Crossover

Until now the electric vehicle segment and the world of hydrogen vehicles have existed as two separate entities.

However, this might just be about to change thanks to Renault. A concept EV dubbed Renault Scenic Vision will most probably have a hydrogen fuel-cell range extender. This will aid the EV battery in delivering more range.

Renault Scenic Vision concept
When Will The Vehicle Be Available?

The company is confident that it will be able to enter the production of this hydrogen car by 2024 which seems like a big step in the world of EVs.

It is worth noting that although the vehicle is likely to feature this state of the art technology, still its name has been borrowed from a minivan that debuted in the 90s.

Power & Battery

The new Scenic Vision hydrogen car will have a 160 kW electric motor. It is pertinent to mention that this motor is already in service in the company’s Megane E-tech hatchback.

The vehicle will have a 40 kWh battery pack and the best part is that even this battery pack is already in production.

Renault Scenic Vision rear and back
Does This Smaller EV Battery Mean Lesser Range?

If you compare this battery pack with most other EV batteries of the current age, its size seems trivial. That’s because it is accompanied by a hydrogen fuel-cell range extender having a capacity of 16 kW.

Renault claims that the combined setup will be able to run for as much as 800 km. However, there’s a catch. The system requires hydrogen fuel which is not available in abundance right now. So, for making the Renault Scenic Vision a success, an extensive hydrogen fuel network is mandatory.

What If Hydrogen Isn’t Available?

The best part of the Renault Scenic Vision is that it can be used as a normal electric vehicle for day to day use. This means that even if the hydrogen fuel cell tank is empty, the Scenic Vision continues to operate normally.

A Better System Than DC Fast Chargers?

However, for getting the impressive range of around 800 km on long trips you will require a 5 minute trip to the hydrogen fuel filling station.

This fuel has an upper hand even over the DC fast chargers as no fast charger in the world can match the rate of charging of this latest technology from Renault.

The French automobile manufacturer, Renault, is thus likely to establish a widespread network of hydrogen filling stations.

Another advantage of the fuel cell is that during winters it will aid the EV battery pack in maintaining an optimal temperature. This ensures the availability of a maximum electric range.

The result is also favourable in the sense that the EV battery pack in the Renault Scenic Vision is much smaller than the other EV battery packs that we are accustomed to.

A Highly Sustainable Vehicle   

The Renault Scenic Vision is special in that it will be one of the most sustainable vehicles. That’s because around 95% of the vehicle is likely to be recyclable.

New Renault concept car will be 95% recyclable

Besides this, the vehicle brags a 75% lesser carbon footprint than a normal ICE car.

Design Of The Vehicle

The vehicle is special in that it has a hydrogen fuel tank at the front. The fuel cells and the EV battery are located under the vehicle’s body. The motor has been placed at the rear end of the car.

In this way, the weight has been evenly distributed which makes it easier to drive and gives it a more stable stance.

Which Platform Will It Be Based On?

The vehicle will use the famous CMF-EV platform that is already being used by Nissan and Infiniti, as Renault belongs to the same group as these vehicles.

Renault EV
What Are Renault’s EV Plans For The Future?

The company is claiming to go all-electric by the year 2030. It has a target of launching as many as 15 EVs by then.

The company wants to make it’s EVs affordable as it is working hard to aid the world in the switch to the electric vehicle platform.

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