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How Does The Rivian R1T Truck Perform In A 112 KPH Test?

The Rivian R1T is one of the most imposing EV trucks out there at the moment. The company is seeing an enormous growth rate and this is why it is vital to know whether or not the truck delivers as it promises.

Rivian R1T Truck perform

Here we see how this truck performs in a 112 kph test. This is important because often the results of the actual day to day driving are much different compared to what we see on the paper.

What Does Rivian Claim?

The EPA range of the truck is stated as 505 km with 21-inch wheels. The 22-inch sport, as well as the 20-inch all-terrain packages, get a lesser range than this.

How Do Wheels Affect The Range?

According to Rivian, the reduction in range with these two sets of wheels will be around 34 km and 64 km respectively. The vehicle put under this test had the 20 inches all-terrain wheels.

Effect Of Temperature

Another condition that greatly affects how EVs behave is the weather. As we all know, both extremes are not good for these vehicles.

Luckily or unluckily, we performed these tests at around 7°C and thus we knew that the result would not match that specified by the company.

Effect Of Wind & Drag Force

Drag force is another factor that needs to be considered while calculating the range of electric vehicles. This factor is beyond human control and thus it is pertinent to mention that during the current test, winds of around 26 kph were experienced by the truck.

This severely impacts the range in most cases. Therefore, it is another factor which we need to know whenever we are performing a mileage test of any vehicle.

What Were The Results?

After expending a total of 125 kWh battery, the Rivian R1T truck put to this test covered a distance of 408 km.

The result is around 30.54 kWh for every 100 km driven in the truck. This is a highly impressive result but what is even more impressive is the fact that despite the bigger tires, the Rivian R1T truck fell shy of the claimed range by a very small margin.

This means that under ideal conditions, the results would have been much better.

What Does This Mean?

This is not just a test of the Rivian R1T truck. Rather it also explains how far we have come in terms of the electric vehicle segment.

Rivian R1T Truck 1

Rivian has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world not just with its dashing designs but also with its exceptional performance.

The Rivian R1T truck proves that the electric vehicle segment is highly capable. The truck has previously been tested in the off-road mode in which it demonstrated its abilities pretty well.

No Two Range Tests Are The Same

One thing that needs to be highlighted here is that no range test can be perfect. This is because they are not performed under ideal conditions. This is why no two range tests can be the same.

If you go and perform this same test in another location with the R1T truck, the results you get will vary drastically.

Final Verdict

The R1T is a highly capable off-roader which justifies its high price. Thanks to the impressive range, the R1T becomes, even more, user friendly

This is why we think that the R1T is a great machine. Rather it might be one of the best electric trucks out there at the moment.

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