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In this article you can find the information regarding Rivian R1T and its performance in Europe.

Rivian is one of the companies that is leading the way in the EV truck segment. Aficionados have high hopes for the company because it is supported by giants such as Ford and Amazon.


Getting the first mover’s advantage, the company has been able to set itself up as one of the trendsetters in this segment of EV trucks.

When RIVIAN R1T Will Be Available In Europe?

As of now, the company’s operations are entirely based in the United States; however, according to reports, Rivian intends to launch its products in the European market as early as 2022, which appears to be an impossible feat, at least for now.

Even though no such official claim has been posted on RIVIAN’s official website, the company informed one of its prospective clients in an email that it hopes to launch various vehicle models for the European market by next year.

What Will Be The Price?

There is currently no confirmed information on the price of the RIVIAN R1T model in Europe.

However, experts predict that it will be significantly higher than that of vehicles sold in the United States, owing to the inclusion of freight and other charges.

RIVIAN Europe is expected to set up its factory in Germany, Hungary or the United Kingdom. This assembly unit will help in bringing down the cost.

For now, the RIVIAN R1T model is listed on the web for €60,030 (£51,000).

RIVIAN R1T arriving to Europe
What Will Be The Differences Between The US And Europe Model?

As of now, there is no information about any differences between the US and European models of this electric SUV.

On the other hand, the Rivian Owner’s Forum is rife with rumors claiming that the company is considering the release of smaller models aimed specifically at the European and Chinese markets. Here’s an instance of a forum comment:

“Rivian’s plans for Europe have been under speculation for the past few months when it was reported that they were looking for factory locations in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary along with job posting to hire a “Senior Analyst, EMEA Delivery & Field Planning” (EMEA = Europe, Middle East & Africa”. There was also a rumour that there could be smaller Rivian models for European and Chinese markets.”

RIVIAN R1T Model in Europe
NASDAQ Results

RIVIAN has already gained recognition, as evidenced by the fact that the company’s shares, which debuted at €71 (£60) each on the NASDAQ, rose as high as €100 (£85) last week.

This means that after a 50% increase in value, the startup’s stock price is already higher than that of other major automakers such as GM and Ford which perfectly exemplifies the promising future that investors see in the company.

RIVIAN’s market cap has risen to a staggering amount of €80.59 (£68.41) billion, leveling it with GM and surpassing Ford’s market cap of €72.16 (£61.26) billion.

What Competition Will RIVIAN Have In EUROPE?

For now, RIVIAN is the only manufacturer offering an EV truck that is expected to roll out its factory soon. Ford is quickly gaining ground, but it will take some time for the electric version of the Ford F-150 to be available in the European market.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is another strong competitor but it has not yet been made available even for the US market let alone the European market.

Thus, for now, RIVIAN Europe will not have any competition in the EV truck segment, making the RIVIAN R1T the king of the ring.

However, this will only last a few years before Tesla and Ford catch up by offering their EV trucks in the European market as well.

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