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Royal Mail Electric Vans Fleet

The Royal Mail has been delivering letters and parcels across the world for centuries. The postal and courier service began in 1516 and they are still in business today! That is a mind-blowing achievement, to say the least, but one which would make anyone proud. 

We would be amiss not to applaud the Royal Mail on such an accomplishment. But it would be even more outrageous to not recognize what they are about to do presently. 

The Royal Mail is now converting their van’s fleet to fully electric. And it is right at the brink of the electric revolution that’s looming over the horizon.

Royal Mail electric vans Arrival concept
Reaching New Goals 

The Royal Mail operates the largest fleet in the United Kingdom, meaning their commitment to electrification will have a lasting impact on the fight against climate change. The courier service has 50,800 vehicles in their fleet, which they must convert to electric to reach their net zero carbon goal by 2050. 

The plan is already in motion as the Royal Mail has placed an order for 3,000 electric Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) on top of the 300 they already have operating regularly. The new electric vans will work on the Royal Mail’s regular delivery routes within the UK. 

The company is employing vehicles from various manufacturers to judge the ones that work the best. To that effect, 100 Peugeot e-Expert vans, a few Mercedes e-Vito, and some Mercedes e-Sprinter vans have been ordered. 

Royal Mail electric vans reaching new goals

Interestingly, this is not the first time the company has shown its intent to fight carbon emissions. Earlier this year in May, the Royal Mail introduced 29 new trucks powered by low-emission bio-gas. However, that technology is not sustainable for a long period, and there are ‘greener’ alternatives available. 

Battery electric vehicles are the way forward, and the world has accepted that fact. That is even after advancements in the e-fuel category. 

Trying For Better Efficiency 

The Royal Mail executives are also searching for more efficient ways to improve their delivery business. The business is trialing new types of micro electric vehicles that will not only improve the environment but also reduce road congestion. 

Royal Mail electric vans

The new ‘quad-bikes’ are as big as a golf buggy and they are structured to work well in residential areas. The Paxter Cargo bikes and Ligier Pulse 4 trolleys will hopefully prove to be game-changers when they are trialed in the coming months. 

The micro vehicles will be tested for six months in Liverpool, London, Swindon, Crewe, and Edinburgh. If the trials are successful, the small vehicles will make it into the system. 

Moreover, the Royal Mail will adopt drone deliveries in selected areas to reduce emissions. Such a method is used by other delivery companies across the world. So, it was only a matter of time that the Royal Mail put its foot forward.

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