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Can SafeCharge Change The Future?

SafeCharge is a rating system that aims to make EV owners well informed about the various charging options for their electric vehicles.

What Is SafeCharge?

SafeCharge is a company that has been set up by Kate Tyrrell who previously worked at myenergi.

It is to be noted here that myenergi is an EV charger manufacturer that is based in the UK.

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She founded SafeCharge to improve the charging process for EV owners by providing them with better charging conditions such as improved lighting, security and the ability to turn on an alarm in case of an emergency.

Why Is SafeCharge Important For Customers?

SafeCharge is important for customers mainly because it is striving to make the experience of charging an EV better.

This is vital because the number of people making the switch from ICE vehicles to EVs is increasing with time.

This is why Kate came up with her company to mitigate the issues related to the charging points of electric vehicles.

Pros and Cons Of SafeCharge

The company is striving hard to make the experience for customers by offering a rating system for the EV charge points.

SafeCharge pros and cons

This will enable drivers and EV owners to check how well an electric vehicle charge point is rated. So, if it has received a negative rating, future customers can avoid it and move to a better option.

How Can SafeCharge’s Services Be Used?

The system of SafeCharge displays the rating received by each charger point on a map.

In this way when an EV owner sets out on a long journey, he can mark the charge points that he intends to use and avoid the ones that have received negative ratings.

However, it is worth noting that SafeCharge’s services can’t be used for now. Interested customers need to wait for a few months before they get to benefit from these services.

How SafeCharge Can Help In Changing The Future?

What separates SafeCharge from other rating systems is that the staff of this company personally visits and inspects each EV charge point. It then gives a rating to the charge point based on a set of 30 predefined parameters.

SafeCharge is highlighting the issues pertaining to EV charge points. It not only informs the charge point operators about the issues in their services but also contact the local authorities.

Thus, they can chip in their part in improving the process of using these chargers.

SafeCharge charging EV

SafeCharge also provides a set of suggestions to the charge points which receive extremely low scores so that the service can be quickly improved.

In this way, the company is helping in accelerating the implementation of safety while also improving accessibility.

SafeCharge is also special because it provides an unbiased report and then rates the chargers. A third party then verifies the scoring of SafeCharge to ensure that no aspect has been ignored.

How Do Charge Point Operators Benefit From This?

SafeCharge ensures that charge point operators benefit from its working. This is why the company provides them with the ability to get a premium subscription.

This enables them to get a detailed report about all the reasons that led to a low score and in this way, the charge point operators can improve their services.

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