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Sales Of Electric Cars Have Outpaced Diesel Cars In Europe

While conventional automakers around the world are experiencing low sales figures and are worried about what the future holds for them, EV manufacturers are gaining popularity. 

This is why multiple car manufacturers are switching to the electric platform.
EVs Taking Over Diesel Vehicles

Diesel engines have been in high demand previously due to their higher fuel efficiency. However, last month, the number of electric vehicles sold in Europe outpaced the total number of diesel vehicles sold in the continent.

Percentage Of Diesel Vehicles Sold In Europe In Dec 2021

This is significant because, until 2015, diesel engines powered nearly half of all vehicles sold in Europe. Whereas in December 2021, diesel vehicles accounted for only 19% of all automotive sales.

Percentage Of EVs Sold In Europe In Dec 2021

In comparison, 20% of all new vehicles sold on the continent were electric, which explains the rapid paradigm shift that this market is experiencing.

What Makes EVs So Attractive?

So what makes these electric cars so high in demand? Here are some of the reasons:

Environmental Concerns & Emission Regulations

Global environmental concerns and strict regulations regarding emissions especially in Europe have shifted the interest of new vehicle owners to the EV segment.

Owners of such vehicles not only take pride in their decision but also consider themselves as responsible citizens who are playing their role towards a greener planet.

Sales Of Conventional Vehicles To Be Prohibited In Future

Another major factor contributing to the overall increase in EV sales is that the EU is considering prohibiting the sales of conventionally powered vehicles by 2035 which means that the segment is dying.

Lower Maintenance Costs Of EVs

Electrical vehicles may be more expensive to purchase, but they are less expensive to operate in the long run, as demonstrated by several global experiments comparing the total expenditures and maintenance costs of gasoline and electric vehicles.
EV Grants

Several countries offer EV grants which make these vehicles even more compelling thereby bridging the price gap between EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles. 

That’s how governments are tempting more people to make the switch.

Owning An EV Is A Fad

Nowadays, owning an electric vehicle is a fad. Thus, purchasing an EV automatically elevates the vehicle owner’s social position.

This remains true even if such buyers spend only a few thousand dollars extra than gasoline car owners. However, the reputation they enjoy in society as trendsetters is pushing global EV sales higher than ever.

EVs From Which Automakers Are In High Demand?

According to reports, Tesla, which is also the number one global EV seller, holds the top spot on the list of most EVs sold in Europe.

The second spot has been taken by the VW group. However, it needs to be noted that the sales of the VW group are the consolidated figures of all automakers that work under the group.

It is also worth mentioning that Tesla is about to open the doors of its new factory in Germany, which could widen the sales gap even further.
Final Verdict

Similar to all other technological fields, the world of vehicles is also undergoing extensive revolutions.

EVs are the future and nothing is denying that. This has now been accepted by new-vehicle owners and the sales results are already reflecting the shift. 

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