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The Schwinn Coston Electric Bike Deserves Your Attention

Here is what you deserve to know about the Schwinn Coston e-bike.

Schwinn has worked hard for expanding its lineup of electric bikes during the last few years. In the beginning, these bikes were mostly limited to cruisers however with time, the company has shifted over to commuter e-bikes as well.

Schwinn Coston e-bike review
Where Is It Placed In The Schwinn Product Line?

If you ask me, I believe that the Schwinn Coston lies in between the Marshall and Coston FC.

That’s because the Coston carries many upgrades over the Marshall but is not as well equipped as the FC variant.

The bike seems to be an attempt from the company for providing maximum features while still keeping a check on the overall price.

This is why I believe that some of the reviewers will not be much impressed by the bike overall. However, for users who are looking for an electric bike at this price point, the Schwinn Coston seems to be a promising option.

Motor & Battery

It is powered by a 250 Watt rear geared motor and carries a battery pack of 288 Wh.

Schwinn Coston electric bike review 2

This battery is enough for carrying the bike to a distance of around 56 km on a single charge which is good enough for day to day usage.

How Fast Can The Schwinn Coston Go?

The 32 kph top speed of the Schwinn Coston electric bike is sufficient for covering even long distances regularly.

How Much Does It Weigh?

It is not a light bike and weighs around 25 kg however this is where the powerful motor of the Schwinn Coston comes in handy.

The bike’s frame is made up of Aluminum and it feels premium to touch.

Other Impressive Features

A few other impressive features of the Schwinn Coston which take the overall experience to a completely next level include but are not limited to:

  • LED headlight;
  • Taillights to make your journey safer;
  • Battery sidelights;
  • Front suspension fork;
  • 7-speed transmission.
Schwinn Coston electric bike review 3
How Much Does It Cost?

The Schwinn Coston costs around €1,686 (£1,437) which is a reasonable price for a bike of this stature.

Final Verdict

Overall, its is a great bike with impressive features and a justifiable price tag. That’s why, we recommend it to those looking for a comfortable electric bike experience.

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