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See The BMW iX M60 Super Bowl Ad With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Choosing well-reputed celebrities is an old method of attracting customers to products and the recent ad of the BMW iX featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek is the latest effort in this regard.
The BMW iX Super Bowl Ad Is Unique

The 61-second ad from the company tries to further endorse its latest iX model that has already been creating news worldwide.

The two stars are shown featuring the Greek Gods who decide to retire from their positions and settle in the Palm Islands, California where Arnold is shown irritated by the need of electrifying everything for making it usable.

However, things change for good once Salma introduces him to the all-electric SUV from BMW.

What Is The BMW iX?

The new BMW iX is the German luxury automaker’s first attempt in the all-electric SUV segment and thus it means a lot for the company.

The BMW iX starts at nearly €84,000 and ranges up to €135,000 which makes it an expensive vehicle. 

Major Rivals

Major rivals of the BMW iX include the Audi e-Tron, Mercedes EQC and the Jaguar I-Pace.

Styling Is Unique 

While styling is a subjective matter, the BMW iX is much different from what we are used to seeing.

The Front Grille Is Gigantic 

The humongous grille upfront might not be the most pleasing feature of the new vehicle but it is something you won’t be able to forget easily.

But this isn’t a new thing either as BMW grills have grown in size over the years and almost all new models now feature grills that cover up the entire front portion of the vehicles. So this is not something unexpected from the company.

However, what makes it super irritating to global clients is that according to reports, BMW has adopted such huge grills mainly because the Chinese market loves them which even puts off most western buyers but the German manufacturer doesn’t seem to be much bothered.

Big Wheels & Ample Interior Space

The big 56 cm wheels however make the overall vehicle look great from the side profile and it is also worth noting that while on the exterior, the size of the iX is identical to the present BMW X5, the interior space feels much more than it. 

Two Huge Screens

Following the modern trend, BMW has incorporated two huge screens in the interior of the vehicle which measures 31 cm for the instrument cluster and 38 cm for the infotainment display.

This means that the inside of the vehicle is contemporary just like its drivetrain.


The entry model variant of the BMW iX has a 70 kWh battery whereas the top tier variant gets a more impressive 100 kWh one.


While the range varies greatly with the driving style, the BMW iX boasts a range of up to 400 km for the entry model and 600 km for the top tier variant.

Performance Figures

The base model has a 0 to 97 kph time of around 6 seconds whereas the more expensive model does the same in around 5 seconds which is fairly impressive for a huge vehicle of this size but much slower than that of the Model Y (3.5 seconds). 

Availability In Europe

The all-new BMW iX will be available in the European market from March 2022 onwards which means that interested buyers will be able to get their hands on their vehicles from the next month.
Final Verdict

While the BMW iX might be imposing in terms of its road presence and styling, the performance is anything but special and with such a high price tag, only time will tell how it performs in a market that is already teeming with electric vehicles. 

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