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See This Cute Electric XBUS

The XBUS is adorable, but don’t mistake it for a toy-like van that gets you nowhere and only tries to impress with its sweet looks.

The XBUS is an impressive combination of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology because it has four-wheel drive thanks to four separate motors that produce a total of 1000 Nm.

The XBUS’s main advantage is its highly modular nature; as a result, you don’t need to charge its batteries; instead, it undergoes a complete paradigm shift, allowing you to replace dead batteries with freshly charged ones, eliminating the issue of charging batteries that take hours at a time.

What Makes It Special?

The world is interested in anything unheard & unseen before which is why discussing the special attributes of a vehicle is of prime significance.

Indeed, the introduction of the XBUS would be incomplete without mentioning its modular design, and it is primarily due to this novel approach that the automaker has been able to offer several variants of the vehicle to prospective buyers.

How Many Variants Are Available?

The XBUS is available in several variants which include base, pick-up, pick-up bus, camper, Cabrio, box, bus, tipper and transporter.

With such a wide array of options, everyone can get exactly what they want from the XBUS.

How Many Battery Packs Does The XBUS Have?

While the basic variant of the XBUS has a total of 8 battery packs, the top tier variant takes this approach to an entirely new level by allowing up to 24 battery packs.
What Is Its Battery Capacity?

The battery capacity on the base variant is 10kWh whereas that on the top tier variant carries a battery capacity of 30kWh.

Performance Figures Of The XBUS

The XBUS has a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour and the output peaks out at 56KW, however, it can deliver continuous power of just 15kW.

This might seem insignificant when compared to what most other electric vehicles presently available in the market feature, however, it is vital to keep in mind that, unlike all the other electric vehicles that are available in the segment, for now, the XBUS drivers can simply add range to their vehicles by replacing the batteries.

How Far Can It Travel? 

This brings us to the next most important question which is regarding how far you can travel on this cute little X bus.

Although the company is currently claiming a range of 32.2 kilometers per kWh, real-life testing will show how far it actually goes on a single set of batteries.

However, the company’s website claims a range of 200 km for the standard variant and up to 600 km for the top tier.

Pricing Of The XBUS

The prices displayed on the XBUS’s website are in pounds sterling and after converting them into euros they range from €22,066 to €35,590.

When Will It Be Available

The company is making the bold claim of delivering the bus from 2022 onwards. This is clearly stated on the website and interested buyers who place the order now are likely to get their XBUSes delivered by the end of the year.

To Conclude

The XBUS is a unique new electric vehicle but one that is unlike anything that we’ve seen or experienced before this.

Let’s see how the market responds to it which will determine how the company performs in the future.

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