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Seres & Huawei Collaboration – AITO M5

In this article we review the Seres & Huawei collaboration – AITO M5.

As the world of EVs grows stronger, more and more companies are jumping on board. With strong reports that Apple is already working on its own EV, it appears that Huawei does not want to be left behind.

Collaboration Between Seres & Huawei

The latest collaboration between Seres and Huawei demonstrates that the Chinese technology behemoth is eager to advance in the field of electric vehicles.

According to reports, the collaboration between Seres and Huawei is based on the understanding that while Seres will be responsible for manufacturing, Huawei will provide the technology needed to run the electric vehicles.

The latest brand created as a result of the collaboration has been dubbed AITO, which stands for Adding Intelligence to Auto.

The AITO vehicles will be equipped with Huawei’s Harmony OS, which was previously developed for Huawei’s smartphones.

Seres & Huawei collaboration infotainment system inside
Why Is This So Momentous?

This is significant because AITO intends to open 1,000 stores in the future to become a major player in the new electric vehicle segment, particularly in China, a country that is already undergoing a boom, not only economically but also in terms of EVs.

What Will The AITO M5 Feature?

While the AITO M5 is still in the concept stage, enthusiasts have high hopes for it.

Seres & Huawei collaboration AITO M5

As a PHEV, the vehicle will be powered by a 92kW 1.5-liter engine with dual motors. The front motor will have a maximum power of 165 kW, while the rear one will top out at 150 kW.

In terms of watts, the front and rear motors have 167 and 152 kW, respectively, for a total of 319 kW for the AITO M5.

Superb Acceleration

The AITO M5’s AWD system ensures that the vehicle has excellent acceleration figures. According to reports, the AITO M5 will have a 0-60 mph time of 4 seconds, putting it in the category of high-performance vehicles.

Exceptionally Impressive Fuel Average

Furthermore, the vehicle’s main highlight will be its exceptional fuel average of 0.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Seres & Huawei collaboration AITO M5
Class-Leading Range

The AITO M5 will be built on the DE-i extended-range platform. Because of this fantastic technology, the company claims that the vehicle will have a range of 1,000 kilometers.

As a result, the AITO M5 will have the best of both worlds, offering not only great performance but also exceptional fuel economy.

Mid-Size Luxury SUV Segment

AITO M5 will be classed as a mid-size luxury SUV, with a wheelbase of 2880mm, providing ample space not only for front-row passengers but also for those in the second row.

Huawei’s Smart Cockpit & Car Solutions

The vehicle will feature Huawei’s Harmony OS smart cockpit and smart car solutions, which are expected to improve the vehicle’s ability to make informed decisions while self-driving.

Great Looks

In addition to its excellent performance and low fuel consumption, the AITO M5 has a modern and sporty appearance that complements the vehicle’s PHEV character.

While the front end bears a passing resemblance to Tesla’s Model S, but the rear end is entirely new.

Bigger Wheels

The option of choosing up to 50.8 cm alloy wheels makes the vehicle even more enticing, however, it is worth noting that the 1,000 kilometers will be slightly compromised in the case of bigger wheels.

Final Verdict

As Huawei excels at delivering superior performance in the smartphone segment, it is expected that the first vehicle developed in collaboration with Seres will follow in the footsteps.

The company will not settle for anything but the best in order to maintain the high standards that it has set for itself.

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