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Shell Opens The First EV Charging Hub

You realize that a segment is making progress by leaps and bounds when even the rivals start aligning themselves with it.

This is exactly what is happening in the world of the automobile right now and the recent avalanche of electric vehicles is not sparing even the big guys like BP and Shell.
Shell Embracing The Change

This recent news bears testimony to the fact that Shell has now realized that if it doesn’t change its business model, its future is similar to what happened to Nokia.

Shell’s First-Ever Converted EV Charging Setup Opens Up In London

That is why Shell has now set its step in the world of electric charging by offering an EV charging station that previously served as a gasoline station in London.
What Does It Offer?

The station now has up to nine electric chargers, allowing vehicle owners to relax in the coffee shop or go shopping in the supermarket while getting free Wi-Fi and charging their EVs at the same time.

This marks a huge step in the world of electric vehicles as this might just be the tipping point for the oil giant that now seems determined to offer such state of the art charging stations to customers located around the globe.

This is the first time that Shell has converted one of its gas stations to an electric vehicle charging station.

Why Did Shell Take This Step?

The main reason behind this conversion is that Shell understands that the EV world is now seeing rapid progress and with most European countries already on the brink of making the switch, this is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon.

Mismatch Between EVs & Charging Infrastructure

In the UK alone, more than 190,000 new EVs hit the road last year but in contrast to this, the development of the EV charging infrastructure has been rather disappointing. Only 29,000 charging stations exist in the region which not only makes it difficult for vehicle owners to reach them but even when they do, they have to wait in the queue for their turn.
Solar Panels Playing Their Role

The best part about this recent conversion by Shell is that the station is being powered to a major extent by the solar panels that have been installed on the roof.

This means that the purpose of going green is being properly implemented, at least at this charging station, as some part of the EV charging energy is renewable which isn’t putting any significant stress on the environment.

Primary Purpose Of EVs

It is also worth noting that going down the electric lane with the help of EVs was mainly aimed at reducing the carbon content in the environment as such vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions.

However, several experts had doubts regarding the generation of electricity used in these EVs, and many of them stated that the additional energy demand will put extra stress on the environment.

But through this charging station, Shell has shown the way to be followed by all other EV charging stations.

Governments Must Take Radical Steps

I feel that governments should go as far as restricting EV charging station owners to fit a solar energy generation system so the overall stress on the energy generation system can be substantially reduced.

Author’s Take

Shell’s latest decision is a step in the right direction because it allows the company to now follow this strategy and implement it elsewhere if the charging station proves successful.

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