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Smart EQ ForTwo Hatchback Review

The electric vehicle segment started with the intention of keeping the planet green. That’s why the Smart EQ ForTwo hatchback reminds us of this purpose every time we look at it.

Smart EQ ForTwo

But now that the world of EVs has undergone massive changes, the latest models from most manufacturers exhibit premium build quality and fine materials.

Besides this, the range anxiety factor has forced most automakers to offer batteries that can take these vehicles over hundreds of kilometers on a single charge.

Smart EQ ForTwo Has A Category Of Its Own

However, the Smart EQ ForTwo completely differs from others in that the vehicle features a small body that fits two people at max, as the name indicates.

This is fine but what is not acceptable for most owners these days is that it has a small 17.6 kWh battery which looks tiny when compared to the usual 50 kWh plus batteries found on most EVs today.

Smart EQ

The range is extremely limited which means that even in case of an emergency, you can’t even think of taking it out of the city. On a fully charged battery, expect to get around 130 km from your Smart EQ ForTwo hatchback.

Charging Speed

While still on the topic of the EV battery, the Smart EQ ForTwo hatchback can only be charged with the 22 kW charger. Thus, even the small 17.6 kWh battery takes a while to get fully charged.

This makes the vehicle the perfect choice for those who have no intention of putting it to heavy use.

How Much Does The Smart EQ ForTwo Hatchback Cost?

It’s a small car and thus as you would expect, carries a small price tag. The vehicle starts at around €14,200 and the top tier model goes all the way up to approximately €30,000.

Limited Storage Space But Great For Urban Driving

The vehicle is great if you are looking exactly for this type of vehicle. However, if you aren’t into this body type and size, it is pretty much useless.

With very limited storage space, the cabin seems congested and the overall experience isn’t what you can call great by any means.

Smart EQ ForTwo storage space is limited

The Smart EQ ForTwo, on the other hand, excels at city driving. The car can easily maneuver through heavy traffic due to its nimble nature and small body.

Performance Figures

As you would expect, the performance of the Smart EQ ForTwo is pretty basic and the vehicle features a small motor 61 kW motor, no matter which model you choose.

The 0 to 97 kph time is over 11 seconds due to the limited power availability. The vehicle doesn’t feel connected to the road and thus you can’t term the ride as sporty by any means.

But it makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, who would get a Smart EQ ForTwo hatchback for high performance?

Which Variants Does It Offer?

The base variant of the Smart EQ, aka Passion, comes with a 18 cm diameter infotainment system as standard.

Smart infotainment system

However, if you choose to get the Pulse Premium, other features are also available such as:

  • Panoramic roof;
  • Rearview camera.

For getting the top tier Prime Exclusive variant, you will need to expend another €2,700. This will get you ambient lighting, heated leather seats and full LED lights at the front.

It is worth noting that the base variant features 38 cm wheels whereas the upgraded models have 40,5 cm wheels.

Final Verdict

The Smart EQ ForTwo hatchback might head some turns due to its small size and charming looks, but I guess that’s all.

Besides this, and the ease of driving in city traffic, there’s pretty much nothing special about this car.

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