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Does The Future Increasingly Depend On Renewables? See Solar Powered Cars

In this article we shortly shed some light on the best solar powered cars available on the market right now.

The EV segment had just one intention behind its conception: to reduce global emissions.

However, almost all of us know that these vehicles have not been able to fully deliver the promises they made mainly because the power used to charge them is not 100% clean.

This is why the world is continuously looking for ways to increase the dependency on renewable sources of energy. These sources are not just cleaner but also sustainable.


The first vehicle on solar powered cars list is the SONO SION. The solar panels wrapped around the vehicle give it the ability to charge it up for running as much as 34 km daily.

The SONO SION also has a battery pack of 35 kWh which is constantly charged by the solar panels. When fully charged, it can run up to 250 km using solar power.

Here are some other specs of the vehicle which make it unique.

  • Power: 120 kW;
  • Torque: 270 Nm;
  • Top Speed: 140 kph.
Fisker Ocean

The second on solar powered cars list is Fisker Ocean. It has a solar roof which runs across the entire length. It can drive up to 485 km on the energy generated by these plates thanks to the 80 kWh battery.

Solar powered cars Fisker Ocean

The vehicle is available with single and dual motors so owners have the option of choosing what they like.

Lightyear One

The next solar vehicle on this list is the Lightyear One which is a unique vehicle because of how it looks from the outside.

Solar powered cars Lightyear One

It has 4 in-wheel motors which make the vehicle a one of a kind road running machine.

It has a range of up to 725 km and the solar panels give the vehicle 12 km of range per hour which might not seem enough but if you live in a place that gets enough sunlight, that’s a lot of range each day.

Solar Tesla CyberTruck

It is being anticipated that Tesla will launch a solar-powered CyberTruck whose roof and rear end will be covered with solar panels.

This truck will then be capable of being driven on solar power and in times of need it will also have the ability to power various loads during camping.

It is expected that the truck will have the option of having one, two or even three different electric motors to give the desired performance.

The truck will add a range of around 24 km per day in the ideal cases. The overall range will have a cap of 800 km and is expected to have an exceptionally rare acceleration time of 2.9 seconds for hitting the 0 to 97 kph mark.

Solar powered cars Solar Tesla CyberTruck
Stella Era

The fifth contestant on solar powered cars list is the Stella Era. It is one of the most unique vehicles in the world as the automaker suggests that it is capable of running as much as 1,200km on a full charge.

Solar powered cars Stella Era

The vehicle is so smart that it has an autonomous system which detects solar spots and re-parks itself when it finds a solar spot in the close vicinity.

Pros/ Cons of Solar Cars

Here are the pros and cons of solar cars:

  • They use clean energy which means they are suitable for the environment;
  • These cars are cheap to operate which makes them extremely attractive;
  • The sun is almost always available so it can be used in most situations throughout the world. Even when it is cloudy, the solar cars still get charged. However, the rate of charging in these cases is much slower.
  • Higher initial costs;
  • Not practical due to lack of storage space;
  • An unconventional exterior design which is not always attractive to the eye.

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