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Sony Vision-S Electric SUV Concept Just Around The Corner

Tesla jolted the world of automotive with its cutting edge EV technology around a decade ago and since then nothing has been the same.

Even the industry giants like Ford, GM & Chevrolet could not stay away from this revolution. Therefore, they have launched their EVs to match the might of Tesla & Rivian.
Other Tech Giants Following The Foot Steps

Rumours have that even Apple is working on its version of EVs which will soon hit the market.

Under such circumstances, other major giants including Sony could not stay quiet. This is why the Japanese technology company has also been working on its EVs.

Announcements From Sony

Unlike Apple, the EVs of Sony are not completely hidden from the eyes of the public. Rather Sony unveiled its Sony Vision-S sedan at CES last year. Now, as a sequel, an SUV has also been presented.

The latest SUV concept has been named the Sony Vision-S 02 & is the second EV from the company. This time, however, it is expected to hit the market soon.

Sony Is Mitigating The Apprehensions

Many experts are still speculative that the vehicle might not go to production just like the previous concept vehicle from Sony.

The company however announced that it intends to set up a completely new division for the development of its EV which will be known as Sony Mobility.

Features Of The Sony Vision-S

So what does this high-end EV from Sony promise? Well, for starters Sony has promised to bring the world of PlayStation entertainment to its vehicles.

This will be made possible thanks to a remote connection to the gaming consoles located at the homes of owners.

The three-row seven-seater SUV is also likely to deliver a highly immersive surround sound system to keep the passengers entertained.

According to reports, the Sony Vision-S SUV is expected to be similar in size to the Tesla Model Y.
Performance Figures

The SUV will feature a dual motor setup which will produce a total of 400 kW.

Presently, no information about the range and battery packs has been provided. However, if Sony has to exist as a viable option, it will need to compete with the 530 km range of the Tesla Model Y.


Although nothing can be said with certainty until we’ve seen the vehicle in person, overall the interior looks a bit narrower than that of the Sony Vision-S sedan.

The three screens located on the vehicle’s dashboard provide a contemporary look to the interior. They also offer a great source of entertainment to the front passenger.

Other options that the driver can control include acceleration sounds. This, however, is not something uncommon in the field.

The recent Tesla Model S Plaid has gone even as far as allowing the drivers to fully customize even the sound of the horn.

When Will It Be Available?

The market is full of speculations as Sony’s plan still hangs in the air. This is because despite being in the field for the past two years, the tech giant has still not been able to put a vehicle on the road that can help it gain public support and fame.

Final Verdict

Sony is heading in the right direction. Even if the company has not been able to enter production until now, it doesn’t mean that a big avenue is far for the giant.

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