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Sony Vision-S Sedan Remotely Tested In Germany

In this article we talk about Sony Vision-S Sedan which was remotely tested in Germany by a driver sitting in Japan.

Sony recently made a bang at the CES when it announced an electric SUV as a successor to the company’s EV passenger car that was launched last year.

Sony Vision-S Sedan model
Sony Trying To Set A New Record

Now Sony is in the news once again, but for another reason. The company is trying to set a new record by driving its EV remotely and for this purpose, the Japanese tech giant partnered with Vodafone.

The vehicle was present on a specifically designed course in the German region of Aldenhoven.

How Did It Happen?

A driver located in Japan controlled the EV with the help of a steering wheel that was linked to the car through a 5G connection.

Although the virtual driver located in Tokyo was more than 9,300 kilometers away from the vehicle, the use of state of the art technology enabled him to gain complete control over the Sony Vision-S sedan 01.

Sony Was Confident About The Experiment

What made the overall experiment highly entertaining was the fact that the vehicle’s driver, while making use of a steering wheel that resembled a gaming gadget, was able to speed up the vehicle to more than 60 kilometers per hour.

This illustrates that not only the driver but Sony too was completely confident about the technology and the experiment.

Not A Truly Driverless Experiment

It is however pertinent to mention that a driver was present inside the vehicle with complete access to the vehicle’s vital like steering control, brakes and acceleration to interact with the EV in the case of an emergency. 

Nonetheless, he did not have to intervene, and the virtual driver demonstrated complete command over the vehicle.

Sony Vision-S Sedan remotely tested
Sony’s Telematics System

The EV was controlled with a low latency setup that was made available through the telematics system of the Sony Vision-S sedan.

Defining The Future Of Driving

The reason behind this project was to show how people will be able to drive their vehicles remotely in the future for transporting their loved ones who don’t know how to drive a car.

The Real Purpose Of The Experiment

However, the real reason behind the experiment was to research a system for the transmission of huge amounts of data in real time.

Sony Acing It Completely

This functionality was introduced by Sony several years ago mainly for its PlayStation consoles however the company has now found an alternative use for the technology which is likely to play a decisive role in the future.

Opening Avenues For Future 

The technology that was initiated only for entertainment purposes has quickly made its way to the real world and that too in style.

This might become the foundation to an entirely new field that several other companies shall pursue in the future to offer a revolutionary technology.

Sony Vision-S Sedan interior inside

After all, all major technological advancements were once thought to be gimmicks, but they gradually proved their worth and have now become the standard.

Final Verdict

By performing this one of a kind experiment, Sony has truly shaken the world of technology and that too by surprise.

We can now only hope that over time, this technology will mature into a highly useful function that will provide ease to people who can’t drive on their own.

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