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Stellantis Bold “Dare Forward 2030” Strategy Aims To Become Carbon Neutral By 2038

As the world is going more climate-conscious, more & more companies are taking the responsibility of going green.

The recent news from Stellantis is no exception as the company has set 2038 as the year it aims to net zero carbon emissions.
What Is Stellantis?

This brings us to the next question what is Stellantis. This is mainly important because although the company is huge, it is not as famous as Ford, GM or VW.

Stellantis is a multinational company that has recently been created in 2021. It came into existence after the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group.

Stellantis currently has more than 280,000 employees who work in over 170 countries. Some of the subsidiaries of Stellantis include:

– Chrysler;

– Opel;

– Dodge;

– Peugeot;

– Maserati;

– Lancia.

In his comments regarding the Dare Forward 2030 campaign, the CEO of Stellantis expressed that the company is willing to embrace a new mindset.

According to the latest plan, the company is aiming to hit a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. After which, it aims to bring it down to zero in the next eight years.

What Are The Plans Of Stellantis?

To make this big claim, Stellantis has planned its way forward. The company is now trying to make all its vehicles carbon neutral by 2030 in Europe.

Besides this, 50% of the vehicles sold in the US will be EVs. In total, the company expects the sale of around 5 million global units by 2030.

To achieve this, Stellantis claims to launch as many as 75 EV models by the end of this decade.

The company’s plans seem too passionate but only time will tell how well it implements them.

Good Times For Stellantis

Stallantis is also striving hard to double its net revenues by 2030. This will enable the company to reach figures of around €303 billion.

The electrification drive is expected to bolster the company’s profit figures to double digits.

In 2021, Stellantis set aside around €32 billion for the development of the electric vehicle platform and the software for it.

Which New EVs Is The Company Planning To Launch?

Stellantis is looking forward to launching the following EVs to make its plans a reality:

  1. Jeep’s first EV will be launched at beginning of 2023;
  2. The RAM ProMaster BEV has also been planned to be launched next year;
  3. The first battery-electric RAM 1500 truck is expected to hit the roads by 2024.

The introduction of the Jeep & RAM EVs in the market will be amazing as the US market loves these vehicles.

The company has also claimed on its website that regardless of the price of the vehicle, Stellantis will bring the EV technology to all models of the company.

Final Verdict

Stellantis is a giant that is here to compete against big guns like GM & VW Groups.

The company’s plans of going carbon neutral seem great on paper and if converted into reality, they would be even better.

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