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Taiga Starts Deliveries Of The First Ever Electric Snowmobile Taiga Nomad

Taiga has recently revealed that the company has initiated the deliveries of the 2022 Nomad.

It is to be noted here that this is the first-ever electric snowmobile in the world. This is why the company has been in the limelight ever since its launch.

Why Is Taiga So Important?

The power sports segment was yet to make its first move in the electric domain and Taiga is the trailblazer in this regard.

The Nomad might have been a bit late as compared to the company’s promises but still, its deliveries mark a momentous event.

Taiga is a power sports enthusiast brand that is based in Quebec. The company has the distinction of being at the forefront when it comes to introducing electric snowmobiles and jet skies.

It rose to prominence last year when it was able to raise €90 million which was invested in making the Taiga Nomad project a reality.

Where Will The Nomad Be Manufactured?

For now, the company aims to manufacture Nomad at two of its facilities which include:

  • Main set up in Shawinigan;
  • A smaller factory in Montreal.

Production of the Taiga Nomad was initiated around three months ago, in December last year. However, deliveries have just begun.

On this occasion, the company’s CEO commented that the conceptualization of a seven-year dream reflects the company’s success.

He further added that the Nomad is for those who want to have power sports  fun but don’t want to play a detrimental role to the planet.

According to him, the Taiga Nomad is a sustainable alternative to snowmobiles with traditional powertrains.

Which Snowmobile Variants Is The company Offering?

Taiga is presently offering the following different snowmobile variants to interested customers:

  1. Taiga Atlas Electric Snowmobile;
  2. Taiga Ekko Electric Snowmobile;
  3. Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobile.

Nomad is the company’s flagship product and is the only one that is being delivered for now. It will be available in two different options which are:

  • Standard version;
  • Performance version.

Some of the key attributes of the Taiga Nomad include but are not limited to:

Standard Version
  1. Range: 100 km;
  2. Towing: 350 kg;
  3. Power: 67.1 kW.
Performance Version
  1. Range: 134 km;
  2. Towing: 510 kg;
  3. Power: 89.4 kW.



Even the standard version is powerful enough to handle the requirements of most users. However, for those daredevils that seek more adventure, the performance version is also available.

Limited Range

One aspect of the Taiga Nomad, however, that has been getting a lot of flak is its range. Most users are complaining that the range, eve for the performance variant is not enough.

How Much Does the Taiga Nomad Cost?

The Taiga Nomad starts at €15,720 which is much higher than what conventionally powered snowmobiles cost.

The “Performance Suspension” costs another €1800. It adds Elka dampers to the snowmobile.

With this suspension, the price of the Nomad crosses the €17,000 mark. However, this won’t keep fans of the electric domain from buying this modern machine.

Final Verdict

When it comes to the electric snowmobile segment, Taiga is leading from the front.

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