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Taiwan’s Gogoro To Be Listed On Nasdaq This Week

As the world of electric vehicles progresses, new technologies are being developed. One such example is the battery swapping technology in which the Taiwanese brand Gogoro is leading from the front.


The company also manufactures electric scooters and has a large number of customers.

The latest news related to the company came recently in which it was disclosed that Gogoro is going to be listed on NASDAQ this week.

Merger Between Gogoro & PPGH

This has been possible because of a SPAC merger with Poema Global Holdings Corp (PPGH). The merger between the two companies took place in September last year.

The listing will be done on 5th April which is just around the corner and marks a huge success for the company.

What Symbol Will The Company Use In NASDAQ?

The symbols to be used in NASDAQ will be as follows:

  • For Shares: GGR;
  • For Warrants: GGROW.

The merged company will keep the Gogoro name because it has already established itself as the world’s leading business in the battery swapping segment.

Gogoro scooters
What Does It Mean For Gogoro?

According to the company’s CEO, this is a proud moment for Gogoro and its team. He said that this step will aid the company in playing its role in transforming urban mobility.

Gogoro scooters are a popular mode of transport in densely populated cities where traffic congestion is a big problem.

These scooters are special in how their batteries, unlike other electric scooters, can be instantly replaced. This means that the range of the scooters can be increased with just a short trip to a Gogoro facility.

The CEO further added that Gogoro is trying to revolutionize the urban transport and refuelling process.

Presently, the biggest problem for EV owners is the time it takes to charge a drained battery back to its full capacity.

More Funds For R&D

By going public, the company will gain access to more funds than ever before which will then be used in its R&D projects. This will ensure a healthy future for Gogoro and its investors.

How Special Is Gogoro In The Global Market?

As already mentioned above, Gogoro is presently the trailblazer in the field of swappable EV batteries.


The company recently reached the milestone of producing its one-millionth battery.

Besides this, the company also introduced an innovative technology to the world last week. The world’s very first solid-state (swappable) electric vehicle battery produced by the company put it in the limelight for good reasons.

The company has been accepted as the world’s de-facto standard in the field of swappable batteries. It is due to this reason that several third parties also utilize Gogoro’s batteries in their electric scooters.

What Are The Future Prospects Of Gogoro?

As the world of electric vehicles is quickly gaining pace, the requirements for electric batteries are also increasing rapidly.

Under such circumstances, only one company is going down the lane of offering swappable batteries, which is Gogoro.

Gogoro swappable batteries

Gogoro’s batteries have the following distinguishing features which make them so special:

  • They are swappable;
  • A drained battery can be quickly replaced by one with 100% charging in just a matter of minutes;
  • No waiting time due to the quick swapping process;
  • A large number of Gogoro stations ensure you can always change your battery with ease.

These are some of the reasons that aid the company in securing a safe future.

Final Verdict

Gogoro has no plans to settle. Rather the company is touching new heights every year.

This latest news regarding its listing in NASDAQ is one such example of how the company wants to rise to the ranks of the world’s biggest companies in no time.

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