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Tesla Is Using Cobalt-Free Batteries In Half Of Its New EVs

Tesla usually likes to keep stuff hidden from customers and the media. However, the auto giant has recently revealed an important piece of information regarding its battery technology. According to reports, Tesla used iron-phosphate cobalt-free batteries (LFP) in half of the vehicles it produced during the first quarter of the running year.

What Are Cobalt Free LFP Batteries?

As the name gives away, the cobalt-free LFP batteries are free from cobalt.

While the LFP technology has been lauded by Elon Musk several times, this technology is still not as refined as its Li-Ion counterpart.

The main reason for saying so is that these batteries are not as energy-efficient as the Li-Ion ones. This also translates to the fact that the LFP batteries feature a shorter range and have a shorter life span.

Pros & Cons Of Cobalt Free LFP Batteries

Like all other parts of EVs, the cobalt-free LFP batteries have their pros and cons. So, let’s see them in detail.


Here are the pros of these batteries:

  • They don’t have nickel and cobalt, thus they reduce the dependence on these metals;
  • They are relatively cheaper to manufacture;
  • By acting as a substitute, LFPs offer automakers the ability to focus on the manufacturing of the high range Li-ion batteries.

The major cons of cobalt-free LFP batteries include but are not limited to:

  • They have low energy density;
  • Their range and life are shorter than the Li-Ion batteries.
Why Is The News Launched By Tesla So Important?

This news is extremely important for the electric vehicle industry. The reason behind this is the fact that before this, the whole EV segment was entirely dependent on a single type of battery which was the Li-Ion.

Tesla cobalt-free batteries

Any company that decided to go for the cobalt-free LFP batteries had to settle on battery life as well as range.

No More Compromises

However, due to recent advancements, Tesla has proved that even the LFP battery technology has a lot of potential for future use.

LFP technology

These batteries can be principally used in low range relatively cheaper electric vehicles. Rather, they can be one of the primary factors aiding to make these low range vehicles more affordable.

By using the LFP batteries for short-range variants, the automakers can focus on manufacturing the Li-Ion batteries for long-range vehicles. In this way, the rate of EV production will also see an increase.

Which Tesla Models Use The LFP Battery Technology?

This brings us to the vital question that which Tesla vehicles are currently using the LFP battery technology and in which part of the world.

Well, according to reports, the Model 3 and the Model Y are the Tesla vehicles that are making use of this technology for now.

However, if the results are in accordance with the company’s expectations, we might see the shift of other Tesla models from Li-Ion to LFP battery technology.

Where Did It Gain Fame Initially?

The use of LFP battery technology primarily gained fame in China where the company previously offered potential buyers to choose the LFP battery technology if they wanted to receive their vehicles sooner than their ETAs.

The technology was chosen by several Chinese buyers and this was when Tesla realized that it had hit a jackpot regarding the use of the LFP battery technology.

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