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Some News Related To Tesla Gigafactories

In this article, we talk about different Tesla gigafactories around the world and its latest news.

It has been a rough year until now, especially for the automotive industry. The COVID-19 pandemic once again caused shutdowns across China. This caused supply chain shortages globally.

Besides this, the Russia-Ukraine war has also played a detrimental role in this industry.

Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory Has Got Some Good News For Customers

However, according to recent reports, the Shanghai factory is finally back to the pre-shutdown production levels.

Earlier this year, the factory had to completely close its operations for 22 days but it reopened its gates for workers on the 19th of April.

After this, the factory was reopened for 8,000 workers who worked on a close loop basis while staying inside the setup.

What Is Tesla Striving To Achieve At The Shanghai Gigafactory?

Tesla is now confident that it will be able to beef up production figures.

Here is what it wants to achieve:

  • Up to 2,600 EVs daily;
  • 16,000 vehicles per week.
  • Annual production of approximately 800,000 vehicles.

However, after the recent progress, these figures now seem attainable.

 Tesla Gigafactories Shanghai China plant

Thus, the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory is showing great signs. All those long waiting lines will soon be over. So, Chinese customers are likely to be happy with Tesla’s progress soon.

What’s Happening At The Berlin Gigafactory?

Now coming forward to the Berlin Gigafactory. Tesla has now approached authorities as it wants to start construction on the newly acquired 1 km2 patch of land.

The Berlin factory is still pretty new. However, the recent expansion shows that Tesla is serious about beefing up the production figures. The company is looking at the 1 million mark soon.

How Large Is The Existing Area Of Berlin Gigafactory?

The existing factory covers 300 hectares. As a result, Tesla’s recent acquisition of 100 hectares aligns with the company’s plans to make the Berlin Gigafactory self-sufficient in terms of producing Tesla vehicles for the European market.

A local German newspaper even went as far as declaring that the expansion work has already been started by Tesla.

 Tesla Gigafactories Berlin Europe

It is worth noting however that the German authorities delayed the production facilities of the Berlin factory earlier as well due to several issues.

It is yet to be seen whether history will repeat itself or this time the authorities will understand the situation and provide timely decisions to start the manufacturing process.

Environmentalists Wreaking Havoc For Austin Texas Gigafactory

Some environmentalists have decided to contact the local authorities in Texas. They are trying to convince the government departments that the recent Tesla project regarding battery cathode material needs to be halted.

They think that this project will cause environmental concerns related to water supply along with the Colorado River.

This is not something new for Tesla as it recently faced a similar issue in the Berlin Gigafactory as well and that too pertained to water problems.

 Tesla Gigafactories Texas Austin plant

The environmental groups in Texas think that Tesla must be bound by law to think about the locals and their environment.

We agree with them because this is not only better for the locals but also for the planet.

Tesla was formed to keep the planet safe. So, it makes complete sense that the company has to be concerned about the environment, before anything else.

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