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Tesla Faces Supply Issues At Gigafactory Shanghai

Tesla is the largest EV manufacturer in the world. This is a big title to have. However, with more power come more responsibilities. That’s how the responsibility for manufacturing a substantial number of EVs globally now falls on the shoulders of Tesla. The company has been doing pretty well from its four different Gigafactories but the ride has not always been smooth. A recent example of this is the supply issue being faced by the company at its Shanghai Gigafactory.

Tesla lineup at factory

Recently, the plant experienced a shutdown for three weeks. This happened because of the Chinese administration’s serious concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 once again.

The factory’s production facilities were closed for 22 days before they finally resumed on 19th April.

Tesla gigafactory shanghai

During this period, the production was completely stopped. However, the automaker has further bad news for fans because the factory is facing immense issues regarding supplies.

This is why it is being feared that the Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory might need to be shut down again.

What Did Tesla Do To Control The Spread Of COVID-19?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We’ve been hearing this all our lives. However, this recent resumption of Tesla’s manufacturing facility put this to practical implementation.

We say so because Tesla called back 8,000 employees for resuming its production cycle.

These workers were allowed to participate in the manufacturing process in a closed-loop shift. It is worth noting that these hardworking employees had to stay at the factory premises and even had to sleep at the factory.

This was done to reduce the movement of Tesla’s employees as much as possible.

Even when the production was resumed, the factory still required considerable time before it could reach the pre-shutdown production levels.

Tesla manufacturing
How Many Vehicles Is Shanghai Gigafactory Producing Daily?

The company, however, tried its best to get back to normal. According to recent reports, we were told that Tesla is aiming towards reaching the 2,600 vehicle per day production figure by 16th May.

It seemed that they are back to normal and days of distress are over. However, the happiness was short-lived as the company is now reporting that due to supply issues, its Shanghai Gigafactory might soon have to halt the production of new EVs.

We can assess how grave the situation is when the production figures have been slashed to 200 from 2,600. This illustrates how the company is fighting hard to keep going.

At the current pace, if the supply issues are not resolved, Tesla will have to close the production by the end of the running week.

What Sort Of Supply Issues Is Tesla Facing?

We don’t have many details about what sort of supply issues the company is facing. However, a wiring harness supplier that goes by the title of Aptiv recently declared that it has to stop its shipments.

This might be the reason or one of the many reasons that have put Tesla in warm waters at the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Tesla gigafactory shanghai
What Does This Mean For The World?

No matter what the reason is, halting the production of EVs means that the transition to the electric vehicle segment becomes slower. This in turn means that the world will continue to deal with CO2 emissions for a longer time.

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