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Tesla Is Testing In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot Connectivity

Tesla has always been at the forefront of technological advancements. The recent news from the company is another example of a revolutionary step. According to reports, the US automaker is testing in-car Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. Different Internet providers are working along with Tesla in this process.

Tesla steering wheel

If it becomes a reality, the process will offer an alternative connectivity source to Tesla’s vehicles.

This is important for a company like Tesla whose automobiles rely on Internet connectivity for a wide array of applications. Autopilot is one such example.

Tesla has offered free Internet connectivity in the past as well. However, with the company’s growth, the cost of the system also incremented.

Premium Connectivity Package

This is why, in 2018 for bandwidth guzzling applications, the automaker introduced a premium connectivity package. Users had to subscribe monthly to make use of such advanced features via the Internet.

Tesla Wi-Fi hotspot

The service can be had for as little as €9.30 per month but this is still something, not all Tesla owners appreciated upon its launch as well.

In a recent update, the company also offered Tesla owners the option of using the hotspots of their phones for providing LTE connectivity to the vehicles.

The recent news is a continuation of this process in which vehicle owners will also get the ability to use the hotspot from several Internet providers.

Some of the ISPs in this regard include but are not limited to:

  • Comcast;
  • AT&T;
  • Orange.

The news was recently shared on Twitter as well where users who got access to the new feature shared pictures of their vehicle’s infotainment systems.

Wi-Fi hotspot
What Does This Mean For The Future Of EVs?

The future of EVs is bright. We already know it and news like this one augments our belief even further.

By providing a constant source of Internet connectivity to your electric vehicle, you can get a lot of output from it.

Features like the Tesla Autopilot are some of the starters in this regard. By making use of the self-driving as well as the ADAS features these EVs will now be able to perform even better than before.

Benefits Of Having Wi-Fi Hotspot On EVs

The key benefits of having Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity on EVs include:

  • EVs will have the ability to make more informed decisions based on the uploaded videos of the Autopilot system;
  • The driving assist and self-driving features will take the most advantage of this ability;
  • Users will be able to stream the Internet freely without the fear of overusing the bandwidth. This means that the entertainment options will increase for users.

The overall result of the latest step from Tesla will be to augment the experience for Tesla users. Some other aspects that are likely to be improved include:

  • Weather reports;
  • Traffic updates;
  • Ability to contact emergency services.

Other Electric Cars Using Wi-Fi Hotspots

Tesla might be ahead of other automakers in future technological advances but it is definitely not the only one in the auto segment.

Here are some other companies that are also working on their versions of such systems:

  • Audi: Audi Connect;
  • BMW: Car Hotspot LTE;
  • Lexus: Lexus Hotspot;
  • Toyota Touch2 with Go Plus;
  • Vauxhall: OnStar;
  • Mercedes: InCar Hotspot.
Final Verdict

By offering their customers the ability to have unlimited Internet connectivity, all carmakers are trying to improve the overall experience.

However, Tesla seems to be making more concentrated efforts than all other automakers and the recent step is an illustration of this.

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