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Tesla Launched Model Y In The UK

Tesla, the industry trendsetter that is renowned throughout the world for its state of the art electric vehicles has already been acing sales in Europe, thanks to its Model 3.


However, as the segment of SUVs is seeing a global increase, the automaker seems determined to offer its Model Y to other markets as well.

How Is The UK Market Different Than Other European Countries?

The UK market is the latest addition in this regard that has received the Model Y but how is it any different to other European markets?

Well, the British market requires right hand driven vehicles in contrast to the US and several other European markets.

In addition to the UK market, this has also opened up avenues for the sale of the Tesla Model Y in other vehicles where right hand driven vehicles exist. This also means that these vehicles will not be exported to those markets as well.

Delivery Through The Berlin Gigafactory?

This Tesla Model Y launch is significant because the company had previously planned to offer its vehicles to the European market once its Gigafactory in Berlin began operations.

However, the beforehand delivery through the Shanghai Gigafactory is now ensuring that Tesla will be able to increase the sales of its vehicles thought out the region.

Tesla Model Y Already Showing Phenomenal Results Globally

It is already worth noting that even when the Tesla Model Y was not yet launched in the UK, it was still the third most sold electric vehicle in the world.

So, now that it is available in more markets, the numbers are expected to increase further. 

Price Of The Tesla Model Y in The UK

Tesla started taking booking for these Model Y vehicles in October last year and they were available in the UK market for €65,500 and the deliveries were promised during early 2022.

However, it is substantial because Tesla has fulfilled its promise by timely delivering vehicles to customers in the United Kingdom.

In Which UK Regions Is The Model Y Available?

This brings us to the next question regarding the areas of the UK in which the Tesla Model Y is now available.

According to our sources, these vehicles are now available in North Ireland, Scotland, Wales & UK.

Why Is This Big News For Tesla & For The UK Market?

The Tesla Model Y’s availability is noteworthy for both the UK market and Tesla. 

This is because, while Tesla has achieved record sales in the region, the company has also aided the UK market in achieving a 10% electric market share for the first time in history.


The Tesla Model 3 outsold all competitors in the UK, selling over 34,000 units, nearly tripling the number of units sold by the second most popular EV.

The Model Y is likely to get an even better response by following the trends of other markets.

However, meeting the orders will be a big challenge for Tesla because the Berlin Gigafactory is yet to start operations. Thus the company has to ship from Shanghai.

Tesla’s Marketing In The UK Has Been Great

Tesla has used its Tesla Bot dubbed Optimus for its marketing campaign to launch the Model Y in the UK.

Final Verdict

The launch of the Tesla Model Y is a big step for the company as the right-hand drive market anxiously awaits the sale of this global sensation. 

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