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Tesla Model S Full Review

The Tesla Model S is a vehicle for those who don’t just love innovation but also want to make a fashion statement.

After all, who wants a boring vehicle when you can have a super-fast Model S with cutting edge technology and state of the art functions?

Tesla Model S Full Review

The Model S is Tesla’s take on the luxury sedans segment. The vehicle competes against big guns like the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes Benz S Class. Well, it better does so, because it starts at around €95,017 (£80,960).

The Model S was introduced by Tesla back in June 2012 which makes it nearly a decade old now.

However, the recent updates give the vehicle a fresh look. Besides this, technological improvements have been regularly incorporated into the vehicle which has assured that it remains a desirable vehicle.

Competitors From The EV Field

The Tesla Model S now faces severe competition from the EV segment as Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron are also high-end performance electric sedans which pose a direct threat to the Model S.

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However, due to its superior range, this Tesla has been nearly unaffected.

What Makes It So Special?

It’s big, it’s ostentatious and it’s fast. Well, it’s faster than you think. The Tesla Model S Plaid version is the quickest production car with a 0 to 97 kph acceleration time of just 1.99 seconds.

This means that off the line, it is quicker than all Bugattis, Lamborghinis and Ferraris & it still has four seats.

The vehicle has ample storage space which makes it extremely practical. Even the front end of the vehicle offers a storage compartment. Besides this, the semi-autonomous driving mode of the Tesla Model S ups the ante.

Design Language

It’s a matter of personal choice. Some people claim that the Tesla Model S can’t compete with its German competitors in terms of design language. However, I love how the Model S looks. It’s aggressive yet subtle.

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Impressive Range

The Tesla Model S has an impressive range of around 660 km on a full charge which makes it even more compelling.

Drive Train

Regardless of which variant of the Tesla Model S you choose, you get an all-wheel drive train which means that the vehicle is always blazing fast in launching from the starting line.


The interior of the Tesla Model S is one aspect in which some people believe that the car lags behind luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes.

Tesla has been known for its minimalist design and this is what defines the company. However, when you pay such a heavy price, you expect some high-end stuff.

The infotainment system of the vehicle however is decent and the gigantic centre screen ensures that all passengers can enjoy it.

While the previous models had vertical displays, the newer ones now have horizontal screens to make media consumption easier.

Yoke Steering Is A Unique Concept

Tesla recently came to the limelight thanks to its recent yoke design steering wheel. However, this received a mixed response from experts and customers as many believe that the design is unfriendly.

Final Verdict

The Tesla Model S is a great vehicle. Rather it won’t be wrong to say that a few years ago, it was the only luxury electric sedan available on the market.

The vehicle has done great in terms of sales throughout its 10 years lifespan. We expect that it will continue to do so in the times to come as well, as the vehicle will see major upgrades in future.

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