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Tesla Model X Review

Tesla Model X is one SUV that you see and instantly get the feeling that this is something different.

It’s not just the looks of this vehicle, its falcon doors or the fast nature rather the entire package which makes the vehicle extremely adrenaline-charged.


The ease of driving the Model X makes it extremely fun to drive despite its relatively large size. I can say for sure that you have a lesser chance of colliding with a Tesla Model X than a BMW X5.

Laden With Technology

This is mainly because the vehicle is laden with technology. Even the falcon doors, that need just 28 cm of space to fully open up, don’t collide with nearby objects, thanks to a plethora of sensors.

Debatable Exterior Looks Have Kept It In The Limelight

The looks of the Model X have been a source of extensive debate ever since its launch.

To some people, it is the most subtle way of expressing your appreciation for future vehicles. To others, it is too bland to choose in the current day.


But no matter who you are and what you feel, the Tesla Model X is a true work of art thanks to its glass roof which gives a one of a kind feeling to passengers.

Limited Off-Road Capability

You can drive it even on an off-road track although the capabilities might be a fraction of what you get from a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Range Rover.

The vehicle is presently available in three different variants which are:

– Tesla Model X;

– Tesla Model X Plaid with 51 cm wheels;

– Tesla Model X Plaid with 56 cm wheels.


The base variant has a range of 560 km whereas the upper two variants can go as high as 536 km and 500 km.

This is fairly impressive for a vehicle of this size because of the huge 100 kWh battery bank.

Performance Figures

The Plaid variant can go from 0 to 96 kph in 2.5 seconds. This puts the big chunky people-hauler in the domain of supercar level acceleration.


The base version of the Model X for the 2022 model year was previously priced at €95,000 whereas the Plaid version would set you back around €108,000.

However, Tesla has recently increased its prices. So now, the updated prices of the Long Range All Wheel Drive and Performance versions have been raised by €9,000 and €11,200 respectively.

Reasons For Increase In Price of Tesla Model X

The post-pandemic situation is the major reason for most problems related to the automotive industry.

Besides this, the semiconductor chip shortage worsened the situation even further.

The recent surge in inflation rate has been also linked to the price increase and Elon Musk himself admitted that the company is facing a tough time in this regard.

The Russia-Ukraine war is another pivotal factor that has led to a massive increase in the prices of metals used in automobile manufacturing.

All these reasons combined have forced Tesla to increase the price of the Model X vehicles.

Future Prospects For The Tesla Model X

The future of the Tesla Model X might not look that bright and for looking at the reason, we don’t need to go very far.


This is because the recent launch of the Tesla Model Y has significantly pulled down the sales of its big brother.

While the Model X is a good vehicle, the Model Y is exceptionally great.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Model X is a great vehicle not only in that it offers drivers and passengers access to modern-day technology but also because it is quick & responsive.

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