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TESLA Model Y Long Range – Cancelled

TESLA Model Y is a highly lauded vehicle that has received global appreciation and that’s why customers had booked the Model Y Long Range to make the most out of the vehicle. In February 2021, news regarding the cancellation of the Tesla Model Y Long Range began to circulate on the internet. However, because no official statement was received from the company, it received little attention.

According to the latest reports, customers with prior reservations are currently receiving the following notification on their account pages:

TESLA Model Y Long Range cancelled
Why Was The Vehicle Cancelled?

This leads us to the question of why the vehicle was cancelled completely, even though the company had previously offered it and had received bookings from several customers.

Limited Production Capacity

The most plausible explanation is that Tesla simply cannot manufacture Model Y vehicles and thus it wants to halt the manufacturing of the Long Range model to release the stress that its production team is dealing with.

Comments Of Tesla’s CEO

Elon Musk, Tesla‘s CEO, recently stated that the company’s production capacity is becoming too complex, and we can’t say he’s wrong because the Model Y has already surpassed other Tesla models in fame after only two years of launch.

Manufacturing Facilities Of Model Y

The model Y is nearing its production at both Texas and the Berlin factories. For the time being, the vehicle is only manufactured in the California and Shanghai factories, so a production boost with the newer facilities is likely to overcome the company’s current delivery fiasco.

TESLA Model Y Long Range Manufacturing Facilities Of Model Y
Huge Price Difference

Another source of concern for customers who pre-ordered Model Y Long Range vehicles is that the Full Self Driving package, which cost $7000 when customers ordered their Long Range vehicles, is now available for $10,000.

Extra Financial Stress On Customers

The price increase will put additional stress of $3000 on the customers who had previously booked their vehicles.

Whether or not Tesla will offer any compensation to such customers is still unknown, as the brand is yet to comment about the matter.

However, customers that had high hopes from the company are currently left stranded with no option for now.

A Ray Of Hope

There is still a ray of hope as the company has a history of making adjustments to its lineup.

As a result, the Model Y Long Range model, which has been discontinued, for the time being, maybe reinstated in the future, and customers who are particularly interested in the vehicle will be able to obtain it.

Final Verdict

Tesla, as the world leader in EV technology, should act responsibly by keeping its promises.

However, if the company is unable to provide the products for which it has already received bookings, it must accommodate the customers who have already reserved their vehicles.

In this way, the company will not only be able to win back the respect of such customers but might also be able to keep them as loyal customers who stick to the Tesla family.

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