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Tesla’s CyberTruck Reservation Now Limited Just To North America

Tesla’s CyberTruck is one of the most anticipated vehicles of the company. However, it is also true that the truck is responsible for tarnishing Tesla’s image to some extent.

Tesla’s CyberTruck in North America

That’s because it has experienced multiple production delays and is still yet to be delivered to even a single customer.

However, the recent display of the upgraded CyberTruck at Cyber Rodeo in Austin Texas has spiced things up for Tesla fans.

CyberTruck Fans In Europe & Asia To be Disappointed

According to recent news, the company has now decided to take reservations only from the North American customers. So, those located in Asia and Europe might be disappointed by the news.

This also reflects the company’s inability to meet the huge demand that has been received for the Tesla CyberTruck.

Tesla’s CyberTruck in Europe
Does It Mean The CyberTruck Is Finally Coming?

Experts are viewing the news from another angle as well. According to some aficionados, Tesla has decided to limit the reservations to North America so it can start delivering the trucks from next year onwards.

Tesla’s CyberTruck Cyber Rodeo

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As, of now, the CyberTruck will be manufactured in the Texas factory only that’s why the customers in the USA and Canada will be the first ones to receive their trucks in 2023.

Why Was The Production Of CyberTruck Delayed?

If you are unaware of Tesla’s inability to keep up its promises, it is to be mentioned that the company focused on the Model Y vehicles and thus neglected the CyberTruck for a while.

How Successful Has The CyberTruck Been?

So this brings us to the vital question that how successful the Tesla CyberTruck has been when it comes to reservations. Well, numbers tell the story. 250,000 CyberTrucks were reserved during the first week that it was offered by the company.

Many people booked it as an investment opportunity thinking that they would sell off the vehicle at an increased price.

It is also to be noted that Tesla vehicles receive a lot of reservations during the early days of the unveiling but the numbers start to fall with time. However, this has not been the case with the Tesla CyberTruck which continues to enjoy the same reputation among fans.

How Many Reservations Have Been Received Until Now?

Until June 2020, a total of 650,000 CyberTrucks had been reserved by fans throughout the world. The number was estimated to have crossed the one million mark by 2021 and now we expect that the figure is close to 1.5 million.

This is a huge number and it will take Tesla several years to meet these orders. Musk also revealed that during the first three years of production, the CyberTruck will only be delivered to reservation holders.

This can also be one of the reasons why Tesla has now stopped taking reservations from regions other than North America.

Tesla’s CyberTruck reservation
What Makes The CyberTruck So Attractive?

This can be linked to human nature as well. It’s natural that anything rare automatically becomes more important for us and thus we want to get it as soon as we can.

In a world of roundish SUVs, anything that takes an unconventional boxy or edgy appearance gets more attention. The Mercedes Benz G-Wagen is a great example of this which looks like a vehicle from the 80s but is still famous even among celebrities.

The unique form factor and humongous nature of the Tesla CyberTruck have allowed the truck to stay in the news for one reason or another.

Elon Musk & His Stunt Played A Vital Role In Success

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk who also enjoys a great reputation in the automotive segment is also one of the reasons for the CyberTruck’s fame.

That’s because, during the unveiling of this truck, Elon Musk performed a stunt that went wrong.

The bulletproof glass of the truck that was supposed to sustain the damage caused by a metal ball broke into pieces. This caused embarrassment for Musk and Tesla.


However, the video demonstrating the experiment was viewed by millions all over the globe which aided in promoting the CyberTruck.

Final Verdict

CyberTruck fans are eying the vehicle with high hopes. This is why it is expected that the recent change in Tesla’s policy will finally bring the truck one step closer to being accessible to customers.

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