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According To Musk, Tesla’s Robotaxi Electric Car Will Cost Less Per Kilometers Than Bus Ticket

The Cyber Rodeo held at Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory was special because Elon Musk announced the Robotaxi at the event.

Tesla's Robotaxi

According to recent news, Musk has recently revealed more information about the Robotaxi.

What Does The Robotaxi Strive To Achieve?

The primary aim of the vehicle will be public transportation. This is why it is striving to achieve ridiculously low per km costs.

Lowest Cost Of Running?

Tesla’s CEO went as far as saying that the Robotaxi will provide the lowest cost of running. This will be an industry first and will be widely appreciated by customers globally.

He further stated that the cost of the Robotaxi will be even less than a subsidized bus ticket.

If this is true, the Robotaxi might be the tipping point that will prove to be the final blow to the ICE powered public transport segment.

Another main benefit of the Robotaxi is that it will be electric. Thus, similar to all other EVs, it will have zero tailpipe emissions.

Emissions from public transport are a major source of pollution globally. Thus the Robotaxi might just change this forever.

Robotaxi concept
The Robotaxi Will Be A Vehicle From The Future

At the Cyber Rodeo, Musk had announced that the Robotaxi will be highly futuristic looking. This was the first time that he mentioned this new vehicle. That’s why not much information was revealed.

However, now it seems that the company has made further progress regarding its development. Thus, it can offer more details about it.

No Steering Wheel Or Pedals? For Real?

The Robotaxi is unique in that it is being designed from the ground up. This helps the vehicle in being more appropriate for autonomy. That’s why it is being expected that the Robotaxi will have no steering wheel or even pedals.

This will be the first time in the history of the automotive segment that a vehicle without these fundamental parts will be offered. This in itself exemplifies that the Robotaxi will be a vehicle of the future.

When Did Elon Musk Provide All This Information?

Musk offered more comments about Robotaxi after the release of Tesla’s Q1 financial results.

Elon Musk at CyberRodeo

All the above-mentioned details were provided by the CEO himself during the video conference so we can know for certain that the Robotaxi is not just real, rater it is also coming really soon.

When Will The Robotaxi Be Revealed?

Elon Musk announced that Tesla is working hard to reveal the Robotaxi in 2023. However, he clarified that the company will require at least one more year after that to enter the mass production stage.

Final Verdict

If Elon Musk’s claims are correct, the Robotaxi will play a significant role in the future growth of the company.

However, Tesla has a history of not delivering its products in time. The Tesla CyberTruck and the Tesla Roadster are two such examples.

The Robotaxi might become a bit late in delivery, but if Tesla is claiming so much for this new vehicle, it definitely isn’t bluffing.

Thus, we have high hopes not just for Tesla but also for the Robotaxi.

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