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The Best EV Tax Benefits & Purchase Incentives In The EU

As the adoption of the EV segment is one of the top priorities of the EU region, several tax benefits and purchase incentives are offered to customers.

Here we discuss the best of these options through which you can save a substantial amount of money.

EV Tax benefits map

We discuss these incentives based on the regions where they are offered so you can see how much to save from such offers in your area.


The UK understands the importance of the EV segment. This is validated by a relatively high 7.4% market share of electric vehicles.

  • As much as €5,000 purchase incentives are offered on battery electric vehicles;
  • Up to €5,000 incentive is offered for PHEVs that have less than 50g of CO2 emissions per kilometer and range more than 50 km;
  • €3,800 incentive is offered on battery-electric vans.
The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a 25% market share of electric vehicles. The maximum EV incentive offered in the Netherlands is €4,000.

The country offers a variety of incentives to EV buyers. These include:

  • Subsidy on buying and leasing new or used compact-sized battery-electric cars;
  • Environmental investment deduction for battery electric vehicles;
  • Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments scheme.
Nissan Leaf charging

The market share of chargeable electric vehicles in Sweden is 32.2%. Here are the different incentives offered in the country for EV purchases.

  • A climate incentive of €6,800 is offered to zero-emission light trucks and cars;
  • €4,300 for PHEVs with 1g CO2 emissions per km;
  • €970 for PHEVs with 60g CO2 emissions per km;
  • Premium for purchasing new electric trucks and buses.
Sweden has one of the highest tax benefits

The EV adoption rate in Luxembourg is 11.4% and the following different incentives are offered for the purchase of EVs:

  • Incentives range from €3,000 to €8,000 on the purchase of EVs with a battery capacity higher than 18 kWh.

The market share of chargeable vehicles in Lithuania is 1.1%. The various incentives include:

  • An incentive of €2,500 on used M1 EVs registered after 2nd April 2016 or having the model year of 2016 or later;
  • €5,000 incentive for new M1 EVs (not more than 6 months old);
  • An additional benefit of scrapping your old gasoline or diesel M1 vehicle for more than 12 months.

The market share of chargeable vehicles in Austria is 9.5%. Here are the benefits offered for the purchase of electric vehicles:

  • €3,000 incentive is being offered on battery electric vehicles;
  • Bonus on the purchase of new electric cars that have a range of more than 50 km and cost less than €60,000.


The market share of chargeable vehicles in Hungary is 4.7%. The benefits of purchasing an EV in Hungary are as follows:

  • €7,350 incentive if the EV costs up to €32,000;
  • €1,500 incentive for EVs costing between €32,000 and €44,000.

The market share of chargeable vehicles in Romania is 2.2%.

  • €10,000 incentive is offered on the purchase of a new battery-electric vehicle;
  • €1,250 for scrapping an old ICE vehicle.

The market share of electric vehicles in France is 11.2%. Here are some of the latest purchase incentives offered to the French people:

EV in France

Bonus offered to various groups on the purchase of a vehicle with less than 20g CO2 emissions per km:

  • For households: €7,000 for vehicles below €45,000;
  • For legal persons: €5,000 for vehicles below €45,000.

The market share of chargeable vehicles in Italy is 4.3%.

  • Contribution of 40% of the price for households that buy a vehicle costing less than €30,000;
  • Special fund with incentive up to €8,000 for battery electric vehicles.

The market share of electrically chargeable vehicles in Germany is 13.5%. The following incentives are offered to EV owners in the country:

  • €9,000 on the purchase of battery EVs having a price less than €40,000;
  • €6,750 on the purchase of PHEVs costing less than €40,000.
Final Verdict

These are the best and the latest purchase EV tax benefits offered in different EU countries.

The list shows that for now, you can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing these low-emission vehicles.

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