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The Best & Worst UK Regions For Using An EV

As the electric vehicle world progresses by leaps and bounds, it makes sense that people in various parts of the world want to find out how convenient or difficult it is to own an EV in their neighborhood.

EV in the UK
Which Are The Best UK Regions For EVs & Why?

The best region in the United Kingdom for owning and using an electric car is the Isle of Man.

But what makes it the best area for using an EV? Well, the ease with which EV owners can charge their electric vehicles plays a pivotal role in this regard.

The Isle of Man has 98 charging points. So when the total population of this place is divided by these many chargers, the answer comes out to be 863 people per charger.

This is a much smaller number than even the more developed areas like London.

In this region, an electric charger can be found within every 4 km of the road which is an impressive figure.

The second spot on this list is taken by London where 894 people share an electric charger.

These are followed by the following regions:

  • South East with 1758 people per charger;
  • South West with 1971 people per charger.
Charging EV at home
Which Are The Worst UK Regions For EVs & Why?

Similarly, the worst regions for owning an EV are those which have the least number of electric chargers.

As a result, EV owners have to travel several kilometers just to get their electric vehicles charged.

The worst regions in the UK for using and owning EVs are as follows:

  • Bolton where approximately 12,048 people share an electric vehicle charger;
  • Wallsall EV owners also face tremendous difficulties as in this region, 11,904 people share a single EV charger;
  • Southend-On-Sea is the third on the list with 10,204 people sharing an EV charger.

Pros Of The Best Regions For EV Owners

Here are some of the pros that the best UK regions offer to EV owners:

  • Less travel time for reaching a nearby EV charger;
  • Less waiting time;
  • More EV users thus the owners are in a good company.
Cons Of The Worst Regions For EV Owners

The cons of the worst regions for EV owners include but are not limited to:

  • Such owners have to travel considerable distances for reaching an EV charger;
  • Waiting times for charging the vehicles are very high.
What Is Important To Know For UK Electric Cars Owners?

UK electric car owners should know where they can find the cheapest ways to charge up their vehicles.

Usually, the slow chargers located in their homes are their best bet if they want to adopt the cheapest mechanism for charging their vehicles.

UK owner using EV charger

However, if they have apprehensions or carry range anxiety, the UK now has 42,000 EV charge points that are spread out across 15,500 locations.

How To Avoid Problems With EVs In Certain UK Regions?

If you happen to live in one of the areas that have been identified as the worst in terms of owning an EV in the UK, here are a few steps you should take:

  • Keep your vehicle charged at all times to avoid inconvenience during congestions;
  • Install a home charger and try to charge your EV overnight;
  • Charge your vehicle during off-peak hours to avoid extra cost;
  • You can also join local EV forums to stay in touch with other EV owners in your area who are facing similar problems.

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