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The Classic Airstream Trailer Is Going Electric

This year the Florida RV SuperShow was special because the Airstream Trailer that has been redefining RVs for the past 90 years underwent one of the most momentous changes.

The company launched the electric variant of the Airstream trailer dubbed the eStream. 

The prefix “e” categorically highlights the electric nature of this state of the art machine that has been launched to revolutionize the segment altogether.

What Makes It Special?

The drive mode of the latest eStream has two electric motors that combined produce a total of 180 kW. They are coupled with a total of 80 kWh battery capacity.
Additional Features

Here are some additional features that make the electric version of the Airstream trailer even more compelling:

Voice Control 

The latest eStream allows voice control to users. This aids the setup in taking accessibility to the next level.

Users can dim the lights and check the battery percentage of the eStream without having to get up from their comfy beds and even without touching any gadget.

Remote Control 

The eStream can be remotely controlled via its purpose-built app, allowing you to move the entire setup without having to go through the hassle of attaching a vehicle.

This also means that the eStream can now be parked precisely where you want it, making the process easier and more efficient than ever before.

Although the eStream is still in the concept stage, Thor, the parent company of the Airstream, has hinted that production may begin soon, making it even more exciting for fans.

Experts However Have Apprehensions

Experts in the electric field, on the other hand, have apprehensions because the newer eStream will weigh significantly more than the standard Airstream trailer due to the added batteries.

This is why they are skeptical that the additional boost provided by the electric motors will be beneficial.

What About Charging?

The company has not yet released any information about the eStream’s charging mechanism or whether it will support fast charging.

This will be a huge factor in determining the fate of the camper as if fast charging is not supported, the overall charging time for the massive 80 kWh battery setup will be several hours.

Solar Panels To The Rescue

The 900W solar panels installed on the eStream are also expected to be connected to the battery charging mechanism, which will aid in powering up the vehicle and keeping the batteries topped up during daytime travel.

The eStream, with its smart technology and digital connectivity, is a highly impressive RV that is ideal not only for those who enjoy spending time outdoors but also for those who have been hesitant to do so in the past due to a lack of digital presence in such machines.


The eStream is still in the concept stage, and no information about production or pricing has been released as of yet.

However, we have you covered, and as soon as the company has anything to say about it, we will be among the first to keep you updated.

So, stay tuned to our blogs in the future for more information about the eStream and its pricing.

Final Verdict

The eStream has a promising future and with a legacy to support it, it already has a customer bank so vast that it will have multiple orders in advance. Let’s see when the company brings it to the production stage.

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