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The New Tesla UI Takes Everything Wrong About Tesla Software & Doubles Down

Tesla‘s latest software, dubbed V11, was recently released. It has, however, received strong criticism.

The reason for this is that, in comparison to the previous software version, V11 makes it more difficult to access vital functions.

Over 1.4 million owners and enthusiasts are members of Tesla’s subreddit community. Several owners complained about the latest software version on this platform.

Not everything about the UI is bad, and several owners have praised the newly released features. Yet, the issues in UI have been a source of distress for drivers.

What Are The Issues In V11?

Some of the key issues in the V11, identified by Tesla owners, include but are not limited to:

– Dual-zone control buttons keep popping up on the screen from time to time;

– Wipers are now difficult to access as they are hidden behind another menu;

– Save Dashcam button has also been moved behind another menu, making it more difficult to access;

– The heated seats cannot be activated unless the climate control is turned on. This is probably the most vexing issue as the climate control places added stress on the vehicle’s battery. This reduces the EV’s range;

– Similarly, the Rear glass heater can’t be turned on without turning on the climate control;

– The button to change the map’s orientation is now located at a more difficult spot. This makes it hard to reach it;

– The size of the message pane has been reduced. So, it is now difficult to see the conversation without scrolling down.

What Will Be The Effects Of The UI Changes?

Aside from making the UI more time-consuming and complicated, the new software may endanger drivers and others on the road.

Previously, drivers could access the majority of the controls with just a few taps on the screen. However, the process now requires additional steps.

All Tesla vehicle controls are only accessible from the central screen. Therefore, the goal was to make these controls as simple to use as possible.

The driving experience and driver’s concentration are affected by the need to repeatedly touch the screen.

Less Experienced UI Designers

While Tesla has recently surpassed all other automakers in terms of market capitalization, the recent software update appears to be a regression rather than an update.

It appears that the latest UI was created by people who have never driven a Tesla vehicle. The reason for this is that, rather than making the experience easier for drivers, it has been made more difficult.

Owners Switching To Other Brands

The problematic latest UI update has convinced several Tesla owners of switching to other EV brands.

One Tesla owner even went so far as to call the latest UI update “the last straw.” He went on to say that with this, he will switch to the Ford Mach E, a competing EV.

Final Verdict

Tesla owners are hoping for a software update to fix the aforementioned issues.

However, if the list of issues continues to grow, Tesla’s sales may suffer in the future. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the internet has been flooded with complaints about the brand’s UI for its vehicles.

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