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The ORA Good Cat Is More Than Just A Funny Name

ORA is a Chinese brand owned by Great Wall Motors. The latter is a billion-Euros company that also happens to be the country’s largest manufacturer of pick-up trucks and SUVs.

This means that ORA has a strong presence due to its parent company and with a huge amount being invested into the R&D segment, the company is poised to succeed.

The ORA Good Cat Is Getting Noticed

ORA has recently been in the limelight due to its big claims that the company’s latest Good Cat EV has a range up to 500 km which seems pretty high but as the brand is so confident, we should have high hopes for the vehicle.
Why Is Range So Critical For ORA?

Why does range matter so much for the ORA Good Cat which otherwise seems to be a good enough vehicle with a great design? Well, this is not confined just to the Good Cat but the whole EV segment in general and that too for several reasons.

Well, for starters, the lack of a widespread charging network is the main reason why many EV owners or even the ones looking forward to buying one have serious trepidations.

ORA Good Cat Variants

ORA has sought to approach the EV segment’s pain point by introducing two different EV variants, each with a different sized battery back, but we must say that both have impressive figures.
Base Variant ORA Good Cat

The base variant of the car has a 47.8 kWh battery pack and claims to have a range of 400 km.

Top Variant ORA Good Cat

However, the vehicle with the 62.4 kWh battery pack is the more desirable one as it claims to have an NEDC range of up to 500 km under ideal conditions.

Test Drive Proves ORA’s Claims

In a recent test drive, that was carried out in Thailand, to see how well the vehicle performs, the higher battery capacity variant covered a total of 372 kilometers by expending 90% of its battery’s charging.

While the test was performed with the climate control settings turned off, the results would have been slightly different if it was turned on.

Impressive Performance

However, the performance by the vehicle still seems pretty imposing considering that most people won’t be using such small EVs for such a long trip and that too in a single go.

ORA Good Cat Yet To Be Launched In Europe

While the ORA Good Cat has been in the news for quite some time now, the brand is yet to launch the vehicle in Europe where many potential buyers are eyeing the launch for the past several months.

The vehicle is now expected to be launched in Europe during the current year.

How far the ORA Cat will go in meeting the demands of European EV lovers is still a question that only time will answer but for now, the unique name and an aesthetically pleasing design along with great performance, at least on paper, has kept several buyers hooked to the car.

Final Verdict

The ranges of 400 km and 500 km by the ORA Good Cat’s two variants prove that even compact cars have a huge potential in the EV field and as we move towards batteries with higher densities, the range on such cars is expected to improve further in the times to come.

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