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Top 10 Electric Cars Sales in Ireland 2022 (Jan-Feb)

Over the past few years, electric cars have exponentially increased in number on the Irish roads. According to the stats released by SIMI, electric vehicles have managed to capture 10.79% of the car market mainly due to increased options, improved range, and better charging infrastructure across Ireland.

The following list shows the top 10 Electric vehicles in Ireland ranked on the basis of their sales in 2022 (Jan-Feb).

  1. HYUNDAI IONIQ 5: €38,495 
  2. NISSAN LEAF: €28,145
  3. KIA EV6: €50,000
  4. VOLKSWAGEN ID.4: €51,790
  5. KIA NIRO: €41,250
  6. HYUNDAI KONA: €24,645
  7. PEUGEOT 2008: €28,345
  8. SKODA ENYAQ: €46,570
  9. VOLKSWAGEN ID.3: €35,796
  10. AUDI Q4 ETRON: €41,465

Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a relatively new entrant in Ireland’s EV market but has over 454 units sold in 2022 (Jan-Feb) as compared to the last year’s best-selling EV Nissan Leaf with 303 sales this year. Ioniq 5 offers a very modern and futuristic design, coupled with a decent range and performance to satisfy your inner child. The crossover SUV is offered with a 58- or 73-kilowatt hour battery equipped either with a single 125 kW (RWD) or dual 160 kW motor configuration (AWD) to propel it forward.

The SUV manages to hit 0-100km/h in just 5.2 seconds and the long-range version can output a range of 481 kilometers as claimed by Hyundai. The EV has won multiple awards from The Irish Times, GCOTY, and Auto Express for the offered comfort, ergonomics, and technology.

Nissan Leaf was the most selling EV in Ireland last year. Being a smaller 5-door hatchback, it is a decently equipped option in the budget-electric segment.

It is being offered with a 40- or 62-kilowatt hour battery and Nissan claims a range of 270/385 kilometers with the standard and long-range model. Nissan Leaf only comes with a single 110/160 kW motor powering the front wheels and manages a 0-100 km/h in just 7.1 seconds.

Kia EV6 is a futuristic-looking crossover SUV which has managed to boost its sales from 37 vehicles in 2021 to 302 vehicles just in the first 2 months of 2022.

EV6 is offered in 3 main trims; standard, long-range, and GT. Kia is offering a 58- or 77.4-kilowatt hour battery along with single (RWD) or dual motors (AWD) ranging in power from 125 kW to 430 kW. The GT model can manage a 0-100km/h run in just 3.5 seconds. 

According to stats by SIMI, electric car sales have increased by 124.71 percent when comparing the sales of Jan-Feb 2022 with 2021. Manufacturers are actively trying to compete in this growing market by introducing new electric models and trims. The two Korean carmakers Hyundai and KIA are dominating the Irish EV car market with models such as Ioniq 5, Kona, EV6, and Niro, which are wildly adopted by the general public.

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