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Top 5 Best EV Chargers UK 2022

Electric vehicles are playing a momentous role in transforming the world into a greener place. However, these vehicles are of no benefit if they can’t be properly charged.

So here we discuss the top 5 best EV charger UK in 2022. However, before you head out and start filling your cart, here are the answers to key important questions.

Tesla Model S home charger
In Terms Of Charging Capacity, What Do I Need To Keep An Eye For In A Home EV Charger?

While buying a home EV charger, you need to keep an eye on the charging capacity that the home charger can provide.

It is worth noting that most single-phase home EV chargers can easily charge between 3kW and 7kW. However, if you want to go for higher capacities like 22 kW, you will require a three-phase supply.

Does EV Charge Point Installation Affect My Home Electrics?

There are two main classifications of charge points which are

  • Tethered;
  • Untethered aka socketed.

In the first option, the charging cable is a part of the box. This is the better option because it frees you from the hassle of opening the EV’s boot every time for charging the vehicle.

best ev charger

The untethered charge points are more universal which is why they have their appeal. Even in the worst-case scenario where your vehicle doesn’t fit with an existing charge point, you can use adapters.

The built-in grounding technology and fuse protection features also aid in keeping the home electrics safe.

That’s why most charge point installations have little to no effect on home electrics.

How Much Money Will It Set Me Back?

While the price greatly varies depending upon the charge point in question, in general, they range from €470 (£400) to €1770 (£1500).

The cost also varies with the installation safety and the allied warranty. The more allied options you choose, the greater will be the final bill of the project for you.

However, it is worth noting that the government is also offering an incentive of up to €410 (£350) under the Electric Vehicle Homecharging scheme (EVHS).

5 Best EV Chargers

Let’s throw some light on the 5 best EV chargers UK that you can choose from in 2022.

Ohme Home Pro

Let’s see the specifications of the Ohme Home Pro.

  • Output: Up to 7kW;
  • Connection Type: Tethered;
  • App: Ohme app;
  • Special Feature: Its LCD shows the current charging rate;
  • Price: €650 (£555).
Ohme Home Pro

If you are looking for the best EV home charger that can be used without the need for a smartphone, Ohme Home Pro is your best bet.

EO Mini Pro 2

Here are the features of the EO Mini Pro 2 which make it a compelling EV home charge point.

  • Output: Ranges from 3.6 kW and 7kW;
  • Visual Appearance: Available In Several colours;
  • Connection Type: Socketed and tethered;
  • App: EO Smart Home app;
  • Special Feature: Smallest Home charge point in the world with an area of just 219 cm2;
  • Price: €700 (£595).
EO Mini Pro 2 charger
Myenergi Zappi

Myenergi Zappi is one of the most compelling EV home charge points. Key attributes include:

  • Output: Up to 22 kW;
  • Charging Modes: Fast, Eco and Eco+;
  • Connection Type: Tethered;
  • App: Smart app offers various options such as scheduling the charging times and selecting the charging modes.
  • Special Feature: Ability to use the power just from solar panels while in the Eco mode.
  • Price: €820 (£695).
Myenergi Zappi charger
Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Here’s all you need to know about the Wallbox Pulsar Plus home EV chargepoint:

  • Output: Up to 22 kW;
  • Connection Type: Tethered;
  • App: The MyWallbox app is weaker than the ones offered by competitors;
  • Special Feature: Its compact size means it can easily be fitted anywhere;
  • Price: €868 (£737).
Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger
Pod Point Solo 3

The Pod Point Solo 3 carries the company’s year of experience. Let’s discuss its key attributes:

  • Output: Ranging between 3.6 kW and 22 kW;
  • Connection Type: Tethered and socketed;
  • App: Features an easy to use app. Also provides users with the details of the Pod Point charging network having over 6000 public chargers;
  • Special Feature: Has fuse protection which automatically balances the load during a surge;
  • Price: €940 (£799).
Pod Point Solo 3
Final Verdict

Hope you got the answers to most of your questions regarding the EV home charge points.

Besides this, the above mentioned 5 best EV home chargers also offer you the chance to get the option that suits you the most. Do you agree with this listing? Leave your opinion or share your experience in the comment section!

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