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Best Selling EVs Worldwide Of 2021

As the EV segment has been booming throughout the globe in recent times, taking a look at which the best-selling EVs around the world were in 2021 is important to find out which were the top choices for so many customers and what made them so hot.

1. Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 is an absolute stunner that not only has the looks to impress but also delivers performance that is unmatched by any other vehicle at this price point.

Globally a total of 500,713 Tesla Model 3 vehicles were sold and the main reason behind such a huge number was its impressive timings of 3.1 seconds for reaching from 0 to 96 km/h (60mph) in addition to which the 576 km range was also a major plus point for the car.

It is worth noting that the Model 3 has been the global bestseller global EV for four consecutive years now.

2. Wuling HongGuang Mini EV

This unique vehicle received massive sales figures and overall a total of 424,138 units were sold last year and the most important reason behind its exceptional sales figures was the relatively low cost of the car which made it exceptionally easy to afford for most EV lovers inside China.

The automakers know that different customers have different requirements and this is why the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV has been made available in two different battery packs that are the 9.2 kWh and 13.8 kWh and have ranges of 120 km and 170 km respectively, which seems sufficient for urban driving.

3. Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s Model Y is also one of the highly revered vehicles around the globe and the fact that 410,517 units of the Tesla Model Y were sold around the world in 2021 speaks highly of it.

Sales of the Model Y are increasing so rapidly that experts believe that this electric SUV with its 75 kWh battery and 488 km range is poised to soon take away the title of the most sold EV from the Model 3.
4. Volkswagen ID.4

With the growing SUV segment, electric vehicles of this format are also gaining momentum that’s why VW ID.4’s 121,631 units were sold last year.

Its 150 kW motor, 418 km range and 0 to 96 km/h (60 mpg) time of 7.6 seconds deliver all that is required by customers these days.

5. BYD Han EV

The Chinese automakers are coming strong in the EV segment and the sales of 86,901 BYG Han EV units bears testimony to this which also supports the fact that China is now one of the largest EV markets of the world with sales that match those of several European countries.

Han is the flagship EV from the brand and its contemporary looks along with the 605 km range, due to its 76.9 kWh battery pack, make it a highly desirable vehicle.

6. Changan Benni EV

Another Chinese name on this list is the Changan Benni EV whose 76,454 units were sold during the last year.

It is available in two variants having battery capacities of 32.2 kWh and 55 kWh and the maximum range of the top tier variant is 301 km.

7. Volkswagen ID.3

The second VW vehicle in the list of top-selling EVs of 2021 is the VW ID.3 with sales figures of 76,278 units.

The ID.3 delivers impressive performance figures of 0 to 96 km/h (60 mph) in 7.1 seconds and due to its 77kWh battery, it carries a range of 544 kilometers.
8. Renault Zoe

The next vehicle on the list of the top-selling EVs of 2021 is the Renault Zoe whose 73,867 units have been sold in total.

This vehicle is particularly popular in Europe and thus most of its global sales were from this continent which doesn’t mean that it is not liked elsewhere, however, Renault doesn’t have a global presence like Tesla and that’s why its sale are mostly confined to Europe.

The 386 km range of the Renault Zoe with an additional feature to add 145 km to the vehicle’s range with just 30 minutes of charging makes it a highly compelling EV.

9. GAC Aion S

The GAC Aion S is a compact-sized EV that is particularly famous in China and thus a total of 71,192 cars were sold last year.

The 58.8 kWh battery on the Aion S ensures that it easily covers 510 kilometers with a single charge, in addition to which, the 135 kW motor delivers great results and the vehicle never feels underpowered.
10. Chery eQ

A total of 68,821 units of the Chery eQ were sold last year as its 32 kWh battery ensures that owners can drive their vehicles around 251 km before needing a recharge.

This three-door hatchback is perfect for urban driving due to its small size.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned vehicles were the best seller EVs of the world during 2021 and as more and more manufacturers are joining the EV bandwagon, we expect to see the number of EV sales increase globally.

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