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Toyota To Launch 67-Year-Old Crown With SUV Version

Toyota already has a large number of SUVs including the Land Cruiser, Prado, 4Runner, Fortuner and the Sequoia to name a few. Thus, one would not expect that the company would be interested in launching a new SUV based on one of its oldest cars.

Toyota Crown SUV

However, Toyota has decided to surprise its fans this time. The decision has mainly been taken to make the most of the lucrative SUV segment which is globally booming at the moment.

According to reports, this new SUV will be made available in the following different formats:

  • Hybrid;
  • PHEV;
  • Full electric.
Where Will It Be Available & When?

This brings us to the next question as to where will this new SUV of Toyota be available. For now, we have confirmation about three markets which are:

  • Japan;
  • China;
  • North America.

The hybrid variant of the Toyota Crown SUV is likely to hit the Chinese and North American roads by 2023. However, the PHEV version will be reserved just for the Japanese market.

Toyota Crown EV SUV

The electric Toyota Crown SUV, however, will not be available by 2024.

Why The Toyota Crown Has Always Been Loved In North America?

The Crown SUV will be particularly important for the North American market as Toyota has been selling the crown sedan here since 1958. Thus, for the past 67 years, it has been one of Toyota’s best sellers in this market.

The company made its entry into the North American market by importing Toyota Crown vehicles here.

What’s Special About Older Versions Of Toyota Crown?

The older models of Toyota Crown were sold in the North American market as the most premium vehicles from the Japanese automaker.

 original Toyota Crown

The situation changed when Toyota launched its luxury brand named Lexus and offered it to this market in 1989.

Later in 1994, another vehicle known as Toyota Avalon was introduced in the North American market as a direct competitor to the Crown.

It is worth noting, however, that the Toyota Crown has been one of the few vehicles from Toyota that have their unique insignia and don’t use that of Toyota.

Why Should Old Fans Of Toyota Crown Pay Attention To The SUV Version?

This is the first time in the entire 67 year history of Toyota Crown that an SUV version of the vehicle will be presented.

This makes the vehicle particularly fascinating for old fans of the franchise who would go to any lengths to get their hands on this vehicle.

Crown EV
How Many Generations Of Toyota Crown Have Been Offered?

Since its launch back in 1955, a total of 15 generations of the Toyota Crown have been launched so far.

The years in which these models were offered are as follows:

  • 1st Generation: 1955;
  • 2nd Generation: 1962;
  • 3rd Generation: 1967;
  • 4th Generation: 1971;
  • 5th Generation: 1974;
  • 6th Generation: 1979;
  • 7th Generation: 1983;
  • 8th Generation: 1987;
  • 9th Generation: 1991;
  • 10th Generation: 1995;
  • 11th Generation: 1999;
  • 12th Generation: 2003;
  • 13th Generation: 2008;
  • 14th Generation: 2012;
  • 15th Generation: 2018.

Which Versions Of Toyota Crown Are Considered Luxury?

The Toyota Crown is the flagship vehicle of the brand. Thus, all models of the car are considered luxurious.

However, the Toyota Crown Comfort that was launched in 1995 was a relatively affordable version of the car and was mainly developed to be used as taxicabs.

These vehicles are still being used for the purpose in several parts of the world including Indonesia.

Crown was used as a taxicab in 1990s
Final Verdict

Fans of the Toyota Crown lineup have high hopes for the electric variant Toyota Crown SUV.

Only time will tell whether or not these vehicles will be able to meet the high standards set by the Toyota Crown sedans over the past 67 years.

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