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UPS’s Cute Little Electric Vans

As the world is switching over to the electric platform more and more companies are adopting it. UPS, the world’s giant in the courier segment, is one such example.

The latest news from the company came recently in which UPS is now using a quadricycle sort of van that is powered by electricity.


This is one of the highly efficient mechanisms being adopted by the company for reducing its overheads and also in an attempt to go green.

UPS is one of the corporate giants that is concerned about its image and thus wants to adopt the electric platform as soon as possible.

Who Is Manufacturing These Electric Delivery Vans?

The company behind the manufacturing of this electric van is known as Fernhay which has dubbed the vehicle eQuad.

According to its manufacturer, the primary purpose of this van is to deliver courier parcels in crowded city areas and other places which are otherwise inaccessible for large-sized vehicles.

Dimensions Of The Van Make It Special

eQuad is unique in appearance as it is only 84cm in width. This enables the van to reach even the remotest areas with no problems whatsoever.

UPS in Paris

The vehicle is nearly 3 m in length and most of its area (1.8 m) consists of a large box at the back which is basically the storage space of the eQuad.

eQuad’s Motor Is From An Electric Bike

The motor of the van belongs to a cargo electric bicycle. At the front end, the seat for the rider is present which gives it more of a bike like appearance.

Designed To Use The Bicycle Lane

Although it may look very unconventional, however the eQuad has been designed so that it can make use of the bicycle lane and in this way can quickly maneuver through the bustling city traffic in no time.

Where Are eQuad Vans Currently Operational?

More than a hundred such electrical vans are presently operational under the UPS badging on the European roads.

The company is also thinking about expanding to the US market and the pilot project of the market European will act as the guiding light there as well.

UPS ev

As mentioned earlier, UPS is highly cognizant of the fact that it needs to change its delivery mechanism. This is why the company has already been in the limelight with its drone delivery system.

What Is The Top Speed Of The eQuad?

The top speed of the eQuad has been set to 25 kph although it can be extended whenever the company likes.

How Far Can It Go?

With a range of around 65km, the eQuad is poised to handle all delivery needs within the city.

Other courier companies like DHL and Amazon have also shifted over to the electric platform for their deliveries however using a quadricycle is the industry’s first.

What Are The Future Plans Of UPS?

eQuad is a step in the right direction. UPS knows that if it has to survive in the cut-throat competition, it has to come up with better and more innovative solutions related to deliveries.

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