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Used Electric Car – Is It Worth To Buy?

As the electric vehicle segment is flourishing, the prices of these used electric cars in the market are plummeting. So, what factors do you need to keep in mind while going on a shopping spree for such electric vehicles? This article addresses these aspects in detail and then discusses the pros and cons of owning a used electric car.

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It also demonstrates the prices of three common new and used electric vehicles to give you an idea of how much their prices drop over time.

Factors To Consider While Buying Used EVs

We start by offering you 5 considerations that you need to keep in mind while selecting a used electric car.

  • Budget

The first factor to consider while getting a used electric car is your budget. This determines what type of EV should be looking for. For example, if your budget is low, you will be able to get just a small EV.

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  • Battery Life

The battery of an EV is one of its most vital as well as the most expensive parts. This is why, while choosing a used electric car, this should be your number one consideration.

Also ask the dealer if the battery has been replaced because in case it has been swapped, there might be an additional need to look into this stuff.

  • Range

Most people shifting over to the electric vehicle segment have one problem in common, which is regarding their range.

This is why keep in mind what the maximum range of the EV under consideration is.

This will play a pivotal role in shaping your entire buying decision and thus you should give this factor significant importance while making the used EV purchase decision.

  • Service History

This is vital because the EV segment is still pretty new and thus not many professionals exist regarding their repairs.

service history of used electric cars

Getting a used EV with a service history gives you the confidence that the vehicle won’t create any major fuss in the times to come.

You must also keep into account where you will be able to charge your EV. If you aim to buy a home charging station, this one is well taken care of.

Otherwise, go for the EV manufacturer that offers the maximum number of electric chargers in your area.

Pros & Cons Of Getting A Used EV

The pros of electric vehicles include but are not limited to:

  • A major pro of getting a used electric vehicle is that it can be had for a fraction of the sticker price. While such vehicles don’t lose much performance over time, you are likely to get one of them at a much-reduced price;
  • Another pro of such EVs is that you don’t need to worry about the engine or the transmission as in the case of a traditional ICE vehicle.

Cons of buying used electric vehicles include:

  • Their range gets reduced as they age;
  • While you will be able to buy such used EVs at a fraction of their original price, you will also lose much more money than an ICE while selling them out;
  • Old EVs might have outdated battery technologies and you might face difficulty in replacing them.
Nissan Leaf
Comparison Between The Prices Of New & Old Common EVs

Here are the prices of new and old models of a few common electric vehicles. This data helps in identifying how much value such cars lose with time:

Tesla Model S
  • 2014 Model: Ranging from €28,000 and €52,000.
  • Brand New: Starting price of €87,700.
Renault Zoe
  • 2014 Model: Ranges in price between €9,250 and €10,210;
  • Brand New: Ranging from €18,670 to €25,670.
Nissan Leaf
  • 2015 Model: Ranges from €11,600 to €15,700.
  • Brand New: Starts from €25,208.

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    1. Under current estimates, most electric car batteries will last somewhere between 10-20 years before they need to be replaced.

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