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Volvo Is Electrifying Its Fleet, Starting From XC40 & C40

As all automakers accelerate their transition to electric platforms, the Swedish manufacturer does not want to fall behind. That is why Volvo has decided to streamline its product line.

It is worth noting however that these changes have been announced for the European models. So whether or not they will make their way to the US models is still in question.

The company’s head of design was recently quoted saying “As we’re moving towards becoming a fully electric company, our design language follows.”

What Changes Have Been Introduced?

Let’s discuss the changes in the two vehicles one by one:

XC40 Recharge

So here are the changes that have been introduced to the two Volvo models:

– Refined front grille and design;

– Adaptive LED headlights with a triangular Thor’s hammer-like pattern;

– Additional trim options;

– More exterior colour options;

– New wheel patterns.

A Fresh Look

The frameless front grille plate and the new bumper provide the entire vehicle with a fresh look.
The New Headlights Benefit Not Just Volvo Drivers But Also Others On The Road

Drivers won’t have to worry about varying the intensity of their headlights thanks to adaptive headlights.

This feature will be useful not only for Volvo drivers but also for passengers in oncoming traffic because the bright headlight will not dazzle them.

Refining The Interior With Leather Upholstery

The addition of leather upholstery is another major improvement in the vehicle. This gives a premium look to the interior of the vehicle.

Increased Range

Another major change that the 2022 model of XC40 Recharge features is the better EPA range than the outgoing model. Here are the changes:

– 2021 Model: 335 km and combined MPGe of 127km;

– 2022 Model: 359 km and combined MPGe of 136 km.

Changes In The C40 Recharge

The C40 Recharge is now offered in the single motor format as well. The dual-motor option will continue to exist.

Here is the specification of the FWD single motor variant of the C40:

– Battery Capacity: 69 kWh;

– Range: 434 km;

– Ability to charge from 10% to 80% in 32 minutes.

For the dual-motor variant, the specifications are:

– Battery capacity: 78 kWh;

– Range: 444 km.

The range is particularly impressive on the single motor variant however, as expected, performance figures will take a dip.

Volvo’s EV Variants For The European Market

With the addition of the single-motor C40 variant, Volvo is now offering a total of four EVs to the European market. These include:

– XC 40 Recharge Single Motor;

– XC 40 Recharge Dual Motor;

– C 40 Recharge Single Motor;

– C 40 Recharge Dual Motor.

Volvo’s Updated Offer Concept

The company also made another big move lately by offering an entirely new approach to ordering Volvo vehicles.

This has been dubbed the Volvo updated offer concept which aims to make the overall process convenient and quicker.

Ability To Choose Different Equipment Levels

This will enable the Volvo customers to choose different equipment levels for their XC40. This added layer of customization is likely to attract more buyers to the brand.

However, for now, this feature is not available globally but is likely to be spread to more markets soon.

Another benefit of adopting this refined system is that it will offer price transparency to buyers.

Final Verdict

The changes in the Volvo XC40 Recharge & C40 Recharge are welcome upgrades for customers.

Furthermore, the Volvo updated offer concept aims to make the buying experience better for customers of the brand.

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