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Volvo Tests New Wireless Charging Technology

As electric vehicles are quickly becoming popular, companies are working to develop advanced methods of charging as well.

One such technology that has been under consideration is the ability to charge such vehicles wirelessly but no major company was previously interested in this.

Volvo, on the other hand, has changed this by entering the field and doing so with new technology.

The best part of the project is that the testing is being carried out in a live city environment which means that it will address the challenges of daily life.

What Does Volvo Have In Mind For Future?

The company intends to develop wireless charging infrastructure in Gothenburg, Sweden for its fleet of XC40 Recharge taxis over the next three years.

Where Is The Test Being Conducted?

As the future project is going to be established in Sweden, that’s why real-life testing is also being carried out in Gothenburg.

According to reports, the main benefit of using this location for testing is that it will accelerate the project.

The Volvo vehicles that are undergoing the tests will stay on the road for around 12 hours per day. They will travel around 100,000 km per year.

Due to such extensive testing, the technology will be developed at a rapid pace after which Volvo will be able to incorporate it into its vehicles.

What Is Being Tested?

The company is testing its 40 kW charging mechanism as well as the 360-degree camera setup that is will be used to position the vehicles at the exact spot for wireless charging.

Who Has Developed The System?

This brings us to a vital question who has assisted Volvo in developing this state of the art setup.

The company behind this modern technology is Momentum Dynamics. In fact, this is not the first time that Momentum Dynamics is testing wireless charging, rather the setup is already being used for several vehicles which include:

– Cars;

– Buses

– Industrial vehicles.
Benefits Of This Technology?

This technology is pivotal to the success of EVs in general & Volvo in particular. The main benefits of the technology include:

  1. Ease of charging without going through the hassle of dealing with wires every time;
  2. A charging speed comparable with wired EV chargers, thanks to the 40 kW charging setup;
  3. Complete monitoring with the help of 360-degree cameras will ensure that drivers park their vehicles at the right spot every time;
  4. Wireless chargers will also pace up the EV adoption rate. This is because most EV owners are not very fond of having to put heavy cables to their vehicles every now & then.

By offering this extremely easy to use charging feature, EV manufacturers will be able to facilitate their customers.

Why Is This Technology Significant?

This technology is significant because this type of charger can be installed at several spots e.g. parking spots so even if the EV driver intends to park at such a location for a brief period, his vehicle can be charged meanwhile.

Furthermore, who knows if this technology will lead to wireless charging features on highways. These highways will charge vehicles as they travel on them. This could be the first step toward a completely different future.

Final Verdict

Volvo has always been one of the trendsetters in terms of safety. However, this time it looks like the Swedish company wants to bring entirely new wireless charging technology to the world of electric vehicles.

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