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VW and BP Are Expanding 8,000 EV Chargers Across EU/UK

As the electric vehicle segment gains momentum, we see more and more collaboration. One such recent example is the partnership between VW and BP which aims to expand the EV charging network of the latter company.

VW and BP partnership

The collaboration will begin immediately and will spread across the EU and the UK for now. However, in the future, we might see an expansion.

4,000 VW Flexpole chargers have become operational today in Germany and the UK. Reports have it that 4,000 new Flexpole chargers for other parts of Europe are also in the pipeline. The work is expected to be completed by 2024.

VW’s EV Lineup Has Been Exemplary So Far

It is pertinent to mention here that VW is at the forefront of EV adoption. The company offers a wide array of electric vehicles including the ID.3 and ID.4 which topped the charts last year by being some of the hottest selling EVs in Europe.

VW’s EV lineup doubled its sales last year as compared to those in 2020 which shows that the company is doing all that is required for achieving the carbon neutrality status.

VW ID. 4
EV Chargers Playing Their Role In BP’s Transformation

On the other hand, BP has been trying hard to improve its impression as the company’s reputation has been tarnished time and again by oil spillages and leakages causing extensive damage to the environment.

Heavy Investment In The EV Charging Setup From BP

BP is absorbed in spending around €1.19 billion in the next few decades to augment the EV charging platform.

In this way, the company will not just gain public support by becoming an advocate of global environment safety but will also be able to make the most of the lucrative EV charging segment.

Integration Of BP’s Charging Network Into VW EVs

As a result of the recent collaboration, BP will make use of VW’s 150 kW Flexpole chargers.

This will benefit the company in two ways which are:

  • Expedite the installation process;
  • Minimize construction costs.
VW car charging

A total of 8,000 such chargers have been planned by the two companies combined. If this happens, VW EV users will benefit from the BP chargers as each charger features two charge points.

Thus by the inclusion of these 16,000 charge points in the European EV charging infrastructure, not just VW and BP will benefit, rather this will also aid in shaping up the future of the EV segment on the continent.

Incorporation Of BP EV Charger Details In Vehicle Navigation System

As BP and VW are collaborating on the project thus we believe that soon, the navigation system in almost all VW EVs will show the location of BP’s EV chargers.

This will benefit the EV owners as they will be able to locate such chargers and plan their trips accordingly.

It will also reap benefits for BP as by the use of such charge points, the company will earn profits. Thus it will be a win-win situation.

According to reports, the information about these charges will be added to the vehicles of all VW group EVs i.e. Skoda and Seat. Besides this, the VW app dubbed Elli will also get this data.

Final Verdict

Both VW and BP seem excited about the project as they believe that it will yield mutual benefits.

It is worth noting that VW already has a well-set EV charging network in the US where it is working along with Electrify America. It has 700 fast-charging stations and over 2,400 individual DC fast chargers already available to VW users.

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